KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment

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Another reason to get attached to your stand mixer. Need a little help in the kitchen? Use this attachment to quickly grind not just meats, but fruits, vegetables, bread and cheese. In the long run, you'll find yourself getting more out of it than you put in it.Includes Stomper, Coarse and Fine Plates for Grinding Meat, Firm Fruits and Vegetables


Product Title: KitchenAid FGA Food Grinder Attachment

Manufacturer: KitchenAid

Lowest Price: $42.00 from SENECA RIVER TRADING

Power Score: 4.1 | 16 Reviews

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Best price anywhere

Of all the places to purchase a KitchenAid grinder, Home Depot had the best pricing!

By Mike on Home Depot - Nov 7, 2012

Good attachment to have!

Good attachment to have with your Kitchenaid mixer. I am very pleased with the food grinder, only wish that it did not bog down a bit when user exerts to much pressure. That is the only issue I have, but can be compensated for easily after a little getting used to!

By Maprinces3 on Home Depot - Apr 17, 2012

Hunter Must Have!

After several hunting seasons of using other food grinders, my husband discovered the Kitchen Aid. We used to have to borrow it from some friends of ours until we finally got our own. If you hunt (and even if you don't), this is a must have to make your own burger. It is hands-free, easy to clean, powerful, and so user-friendly. I just wish we would have gotten it years ago -- it would have made...
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By Anonymous on Crate & Barrel - Jul 2, 2009

Fresh Hamburger

We just ground our first batch of meat and had FRESH Hamburgers on the grill. quick and symple with easy clean up. We will never eat "store bought" hamburger again!

By Anonymous on Crate & Barrel - Jun 4, 2009

Kitchen Aid Meat Grinder - not a hit at all

Strengths: Easy cleanup.

Weakness: leaks machine oil into my food! And this is the second unit that I have had - I replaced the first.

I am just fed up with this poorly manufactured and designed grinder. I have had two separate grinders with exactly the same problem - leaking oil into my food.

I replaced my first grinder after about two weeks of use due to the oil in my food. The replacement grinder has the same problem - this is a design problem.

I am about to buy a separate meat grinder unit.

By anonymous; - Dec 6, 2007

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