Thane H2o Mop X5

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Brooms & Mops. Get your floors clean easily with this floor steamer. This super lightweight and filterless floor steamer cleans floors effortlessly. Additionally, it converts to a hand-held steamer at the push of a button! In fact, the five-in-one design helps you clean and sanitize virtually every surface in your home with its continuous, variable steam. Ideal for tough tile to natural wood floors Use the carpet glider to bring old carpets back to life Hand-held steaming uses the jet nozzle and nylon brush to blast away stubborn stains in your kitchen or bathroom Turn steam up high for maximum chemical-free cleaning power Includes attachment for cleaning glass, a coral cloth head, and a garment and upholstery bonnet 1300 watts of power Imported

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Product Type: Cleaning Tools


Product Title: Thane H2o Mop X5

Manufacturer: Thane

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Power Score: 2.0 | 1 Review

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Thane H2o Mop

Strengths: Great steam, does a fantastic job on hardwoods. No streaks. Love the sanitizing.

Weakness: Died after 2 years. I'm so nieve. I thought this really was the LAST MOP I WOULD EVER BUY!!!!!!

I purchased maybe 2 years ago from Thane. This is the 2nd H2o mop I've had. Honestly the first one lasted much longer and was built much better. I was shocked at how flimsy the 2nd H2o Mop X5 was built. It actually buckles when you first start using it. I thought I was going to snap it in half. I do love it's cleaning ability and now I need another one and I don't know what to do....
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By AnnieM1962 - Sep 23, 2012

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