Swiffer Sweeper Pro Cloths Size: 16

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Sweeps Up Dust Dirt in Large Areas Fast! 16 Extra-Large Sweeping Cloths 45.2 x 25.4cm Swiffer Sweeper Professional Picks up more soils than regular Swiffer Sweeper in a single swipe! Swiffer cloth s deep, V-shaped ridges trap and lock: Sawdust 2 Drywall Dust 3 Dust 4 Dirt 5 Hair 6 Crumbs The V-shaped ridges each into uneven places, like a grout line, to get your floor thoroughly clean. Swiffer Sweeper Professional has a wide cleaning surface to clean large floor and dusting surfaces fast and easy. *Than Regular Swiffer Sweeper Dry Sweeping Cloths For use with the Sweeper Professional Wand br Good Housekeeping Promises

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Product Type: Floor


Product Title: Swiffer Sweeper Pro Cloths Size: 16

Manufacturer: Swiffer

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