Swiffer 32694 WetJet Starter Kit

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Vacuum Type: Other

Product Type: Floor


Product Title: Swiffer 32694 WetJet Starter Kit

Manufacturer: Swiffer

Lowest Price: $19.99 from Target.com

Power Score: 4.4 | 13 Reviews

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Can get much cheaper at Walmart.

Strengths: Much easier than the mop and pail, which always meant wiping all down with paper towels to remove residue.

Weakness: Need more cleaning solution than indicated.

I purchased this today at Walmart for $18.90. Brought it home and cleaned the kitchen floor and the hardwood floor in the family room. Much easier and effective than any other products I have used for either room, including a scrub brush on my hands and knees.

By anonymous; - Jan 12, 2008

Housewife's magic wand

Strengths: Ideal for hardwood floor. Leaves no mess like regular mops. Can reach in hard places. Picks up dirt like magnet. Leave floor as shiny as new.

Weakness: Refils/pads are expensive. handle feels a little flimsy.

I always had trouble cleaning our wall to wall hardwood floor house. mops just don't do it, they leave a lot of mess behind, and dull the finish of the wood. When I bought the WetJet, this all changed. It's very easy to use, it doesn't require lots of effort and doesn't leave mess behind. The slick design of the Wetjet also makes it very easy to reach under furniture and around tight corners. I...
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By jihyeinny - Dec 20, 2007

Swiffer WetJet

Strengths: Easy to use and does a good job of cleaning.

Weakness: I have just started to use the swiffer wetjet and have not found any weaknesses at this time

I have arthritis in my knees, shoulders, arms,and fingers. Carrying a bucket, and reaching into corners of the floor is often difficult for me. I find the swiffer wetjet is easy to handle and it gets into corners that a regular mop often can not reach.

By bigdot - Nov 18, 2007

Swiffer 32694 Wet jet starter kit

Strengths: I have two boy and the swifer really gets my floor clean, and it smells good to.

Weakness: The handle on it could be a little stronger if you try to scrub to hard the handle seems to want to bend.

I love the swiffer wet jet as a mother of two young children I don't have time to drag out a mop and a bucket to clean the floors we have mostly all hard wood and it is a quick and easy cleaning tool that works great and leaves the room smelling clean.

By goldengirl9980 - Aug 29, 2007

Long-time user

Strengths: easy to use

Weakness: refills get expensive

I had used my wetjet for over five years when the handle finally broke due to metal fatique - pretty good run for the $20 investment! I hope my new one will last as long.

By empb1b - Aug 22, 2007

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