Clorox Concentrated Heavy-duty Cleaner

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Lestoil concentrated heavy-duty cleaner with pine oil powers through grease and stains. Ideal for household cleaning, laundry stains, and oil and grease spills. Though this cleaner is not intended as a glass cleaner, you can use this powerful cleaner to pre-clean particularly tenacious dirt and grime from heavily soiled glass surfaces. Rinse thoroughly and wipe after cleaning to remove streaks. You can also clean paint brushes, remove gum from clothing, hair and furniture, and remove tar from hands, clothes and other surfaces. Lestoil is not recommended for wood floors because the pine oil can penetrate the surface of the wood and the pine fragrance may linger. Lestoil also contains a solvent that can dull a varnished or polyurethane finish.


Product Title: Clorox Concentrated Heavy-duty Cleaner

Manufacturer: Clorox

Lowest Price: $3.25 from PeachSuite Hotel Supply

Power Score: 5 | 9 Reviews

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Excellent performance

Have used this product over many years...always does the job!

By tomm on Home Depot - Jun 4, 2013

Excellent cleaner ....great aroma for driveways, garages and patios!

My family has been using this since I have recollection! It's excellent for grease stains and laundering work clothes. I also make a mix of Lestoil, creolin, water and any pine cleaner to wash the driveway, garage and smells great!!!....the aroma stays long because the patio pavers and the concrete absorb the fusion so the cleanliness lingers. Hey...even people passing by my house ask...
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By Regina on Home Depot - May 2, 2013

Must have around the house

This is one of those products that I remember in our house since.... Well, since I can remember. Mom used it for greasy laundry, grassy knee stains, and ring-around-the-collar. Dad used a few drops to wash his hands after doing a tune up, or to wash the oil that spilled on the driveway during the tuneup, or the plastic lawn chair that we put all the greasy tools on while he did the tune... You...
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By DadsInTheGarageAgain on Home Depot - Oct 12, 2012

excelent multi-use,and aroma

I had been using this product since 1983,when I came to USA. I use almost everywhere.(removing stain on clothes,carpet,car,,barbeque,etc.).Also,good for wood floor.I RECOMENDED IT !!!

By irisca49 on Home Depot - Aug 9, 2012

Best Product to remove any stains

I have used this product since I was very young and I love how it takes grease off the driveway, blood off clothes and sheets and any stain you can't get out even if it has been set for awhile - it also removes paint from paint brushes - there is nothing on the market that can compare to this product - the only drawback is the plastic container - if you have it awhile, the plastic corrodes and...
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By sweetlysing on Home Depot - Aug 8, 2012

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