Brand Fusion Liquid Silver Plating System, Silverware Kit, Medallion Brand


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Brand New! As seen on TV! Clean it, Plate it, Buff it is just that effortless! We are an authorized dealer of this product! Medallion Brand liquid silver plating system is an easy way to restore your dull, scratched, or just plain boring old silver items a new life of glimmering luster. This patented system instantly bonds to base metals, leaving precious and semi-precious stones safe from discoloration. Deluxe Liquid Silver Plating solution contains 100% PURE Silver which bonds instantly to base metal surfaces. Perfect for Jewelry! It cleans and silver plates at the same time, restoring the luster to dull or worn out items and maintaining the brilliance of newer items. It can be used to transform brass, copper, nickle or worn silver plate into beautiful silver treasures. ( base metals of your project must be compatible with this solution! i:e: Silver, Copper, Brass, Nickel or Rhodium). The new silver will never chip, crack, flake or peel. It is permanent. System includes the Following: Complete instructions including FAQS, One 4 fl. oz. (118ml) bottle of 100% silver solution and Applicator and buffing cloth. Item is shipped in re-mailer absent of the box as shown in picture. Item is shipped in re-mailer. TIPS: 1). Shake bottle for 45 seconds before use to consolidate the contents. 2). This product bonds by using friction to create the chemical reaction that results in plating to compatible base metals. 3). Rub solution vigorously using a clean polishing cloth or applicator. 4). For worn or more difficult projects, use a smooth cloth instead of the lighter use applicator included.


Product Title: Brand Fusion Liquid Silver Plating System, Silverware Kit, Medallion Brand

Manufacturer: Brand Fusion

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