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Should be listed as slim tree.

Prompt delivery. 2nd section wouldn't light. called customer svc. for the tree co. 2nd week of Jan. Still waiting for the replacement section to be delivered. It's Feb. 22nd. Hope I get it before Christmas.

By tbroome on Home Depot - Feb 22, 2012

It looked like it was going to be a nice tree

Liked the looks of what we did receive but unfortunately never got a complete tree. It did have berries on it which I wasn't expecting but it did add a nice touch. it was interesting the different textures of the tree. The lights worked fine. Really would have liked to see a complete tree to see what it looked like. I got two boxes with same parts of tree initially and when got the shipment that was supposed to resolve the problem got a part that I already had two of. The tree comes in 5 parts with a stand. Gave it average because didn't get complete tree.

By gap3 on Home Depot - Feb 14, 2012

Great looking tree

The tree looks very nice and on clearace the price couldn't be beat for under 200 bucks! True a strand of lights didn't work for us either so we called and the company offered to send a new strand out and while we were attempting to take the old strand of lights off they lit up! We are quite happy about that but we haven't used the tree yet so we will see come next Christmas!

By honey0878 on Home Depot - Feb 8, 2012

Better than what we expected

We were expecting a skinny type tree, but upon arrival and after we put it all together, the tree is exactly what we needed and wanted. It is VERY tall. If your ceiling is not as tall as expected, it appears you can put the tree together with out all of the limbs and stalk.

By penny on Home Depot - Jan 17, 2012

Beautiful tree but a one strand of lights didn't work

Overall I was very satisfied with this purchase. The tree is beautiful and since we purchased after Christmas, the price couldn't be beat. The only disappointment was that one strand of lights isn't working. After reading reviews of other pre-lit trees however it sounds as though this is a common issue. We will either fix the current strand of lights or replace it with a new strand as this issue is minor and not worth the hassle to return the entire tree.

By Buchank on Home Depot - Jan 10, 2012

This tree is very nice, the only issue was some lights didn't work

This is a very nice tree. We liked the look some much we decided not to put any decorations on it this year. The only problem we had was there were a couple of areas where the lights didn't work. We have yet to contact the manufacturer and ask them to fix the situation. Overall we are very pleased with the tree and I'm sure we will get many years enjoyment from it.

By Kent on Home Depot - Jan 6, 2012

The tree is stunning!

The tree is absolutely beautiful, slightly hard to set up, but great overall!

By unmsu on Home Depot - Dec 27, 2011

Excellent tree at a great price

I was shopping on line and in stores for a 10ft prelit tree, and couldn't find anything I liked under $1,000! I stumbled upon this and decided since shipping and returns are free, I'd give it a shot. I was soooo impressed! The top of the tree peeks into the top row of windows in my two story family room, just as I wanted. It is full enough without being overly obtrusive, taking all the space in the room. The tree is gorgeous without any decorations or topper, but I did add a few burgundy / gold ornaments which complimented the "berries" and white lights nicely. The only con is that my 20mo thought the berries were real, and tried to eat them :-/ I plan to have this tree for many years to come.

By MrsARJ on Home Depot - Dec 22, 2011


The tree was ok - about what I was expecting for the price. I'd definitely say that it should be considered a slim tree. That was the size we were looking for. After a couple days, the very top of the top section would not light up. Called customer service from the manufacturer. Was not repairable by me. Needed a repalcement section that would have to be shipped from Hong Kong. So, we tore down the tree and returned it to Home Depot. Very simple return at the store.

By cheeks100 on Home Depot - Dec 20, 2011

Great Value, Excellent quality

This tree looks great. It was easy to assemble and decorate. There are plenty of lights. The slim design helps save space and provides more room for gifts under the tree!

By SantasElf on Home Depot - Dec 20, 2011

Great looking tree, everything worked as planned!

I would recommend this tree. Wife loves it, need I say more.

By JimKC on Home Depot - Dec 20, 2011

Gorgeous Tree!

Very impressed by how well the tree is lit and put together. No big bushy branches that you can't hang an ornament or ball on. Very even. The bottom is a little sparse but once I get presents under the tree I think it will look simply gorgeous!

By Annie on Home Depot - Dec 13, 2011

Lights were not working, and looked cheap.

We returned it after working on getting the two strands of lights that were out for over 3 hours. It just wasn't something we wanted to deal with on a brand new tree! It also looked a little cheap - the branches were not full enough.

By CndGirl on Home Depot - Nov 24, 2011

This tree is not worth my money

I paid extra money to get 2 feet of extra pipe at the bottom instead of extra pre-lit limbs. I'm taking it back today.

By Nicole on Home Depot - Nov 20, 2011

10 ft Pre-Lit Paley Pine Tree

We love the tree. It is the perfect height and hardly needs bulbs or other decorations. It is beautiful just lit. I was a tad disappointed that the needles were not QUITE as good of quality as I expected, but I would buy it again.

By DebDJ on Home Depot - Dec 15, 2010

10 ft. Paley Christmas Tree

Love, love, love tree. Beautiful and looks so real . Bought for our fourier and could not be more perfect. We have no decorations (which was our plan) on it because we wanted something very natural. The only problem is the top piece is a little wobbly.

By XmasTreeCrazy on Home Depot - Dec 14, 2010


We have owned many artificial trees over the years and this one is by far the best one! It's easy to assemble and decorate. It's so beautiful it could even be left undecorated. We receive compliments from everyone on this tree and it looks great in our tall Palladian window. Merry Christmas!

By vogelholland on Home Depot - Dec 12, 2010

Martha Stewart 10' pre-lit tree

This is the most beautiful tree that I have ever purchased. It is very full and just the right amount of lighting. I have had many compliments already on how beautiful it is. Very easy to set up and you have to get really close to it to see that it is not a real tree. I couldn't be happier.

By Angie123 on Home Depot - Dec 11, 2010


Received our tree today from UPS. Delivered on time and in good condition. It took about 2 1/2 hours to get the tree set up, all the branches spread, electrical hooked up and base cover applied. This tree is spectacular!! It is everything that it is advertised to be and more. The multicolored branch tips, the berries and pine cones, really look great, not to mention the over 900 lights that make an absolutely beautiful glow. The narrow base is a bonus for us since the tree sits right in the middle of our great room. It also makes it easier to decorate the tree since you don't have to lean way out on a ladder to get to the top branches. We purchased this tree as a HomeDepot internet special and could not be happier. Great tree. Great value. Great store.

By BaxterR on Home Depot - Dec 9, 2010

Martha Stewart Paley Pine 10 ft. Tree

Way to go Martha Stewart!!! I received the Paley Pine tree today. It's everything I hoped it would be. Tree assembly and unboxing time, by myself, was about 25 minutes. I spent an additional 30 minutes fluffing and shaping the branches just the right way. I would consider this a slimmer line tree, and that's what I was hoping for, even though the description didn't list it as such. The lights all work properly. Now for the look, the important part, it's fabulous. It looks so realistic. The berries and twigs are great. The fluffier fat tipped branches are added throughout, just the right touch. I purchased an artificial tree last year, from Hobby Lobby, that looked like a vinyl record dyed green, it was bad. He got the boot to make room for this wonderful specimen. I also like the fact that the berries are a burgundy red color, rather than bright red. The tree itself is a rich darker green color, with the lighter fluffy branches mixed in. The tree comes with a power foot pedal, to make turning it on and off easier. I wish they offered this tree in an 12 foot size. If they ever do, I would buy a second for a room I have with 30 foot ceilings. If you're considering this tree, I can't imagine anyone being unhappy with it, and I'm quite picky when it comes to artificial trees.

By KimberlyZ on Home Depot - Oct 26, 2010