Martha Stewart Living Martha Stewart Living 10 Ft. Pre-Lit Paley Pine Tree Clear -Discontinued...

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Product Title: Martha Stewart Living Martha Stewart Living 10 Ft. Pre-Lit Paley Pine Tree Clear -Discontinued 209ta42610se950 209ta42610se950

Manufacturer: Martha Stewart

Power Score: 3.9 | 20 Reviews

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Should be listed as slim tree.

Prompt delivery. 2nd section wouldn't light. called customer svc. for the tree co. 2nd week of Jan. Still waiting for the replacement section to be delivered. It's Feb. 22nd. Hope I get it before Christmas.

By tbroome on Home Depot - Feb 22, 2012

It looked like it was going to be a nice tree

Liked the looks of what we did receive but unfortunately never got a complete tree. It did have berries on it which I wasn't expecting but it did add a nice touch. it was interesting the different textures of the tree. The lights worked fine. Really would have liked to see a complete tree to see what it looked like. I got two boxes with same parts of tree initially and when got the shipment that...
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By gap3 on Home Depot - Feb 14, 2012

Great looking tree

The tree looks very nice and on clearace the price couldn't be beat for under 200 bucks! True a strand of lights didn't work for us either so we called and the company offered to send a new strand out and while we were attempting to take the old strand of lights off they lit up! We are quite happy about that but we haven't used the tree yet so we will see come next Christmas!

By honey0878 on Home Depot - Feb 8, 2012

Better than what we expected

We were expecting a skinny type tree, but upon arrival and after we put it all together, the tree is exactly what we needed and wanted. It is VERY tall. If your ceiling is not as tall as expected, it appears you can put the tree together with out all of the limbs and stalk.

By penny on Home Depot - Jan 17, 2012

Beautiful tree but a one strand of lights didn't work

Overall I was very satisfied with this purchase. The tree is beautiful and since we purchased after Christmas, the price couldn't be beat. The only disappointment was that one strand of lights isn't working. After reading reviews of other pre-lit trees however it sounds as though this is a common issue. We will either fix the current strand of lights or replace it with a new strand as this issue...
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By Buchank on Home Depot - Jan 10, 2012

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