Big Sky Bearfoots Nativity

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Celebrate the first Christmas with adorable little bears acting out the story. Each set has the bears posing as different characters in a traditional Bethlehem nativity scene. Each depiction is lovingly made to express the joy and giving associated with Christmas. Beartivity I: 5-piece (Father: 3H, Mother: 3-1/2H, Baby: 2-1/4H, 2 Angels: 6-1/2 H)Beartivity II: 5-piece (King: 5H, Shepherd: 6H, 2 Sheep: 3-1/2H, Camel: 3H)Beartivity III: 4-piece (2 Kings: 6H, Drummer Boy: 2-3/4H, Cow: 4H)


Product Title: Big Sky Bearfoots Nativity

Manufacturer: Big Sky

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