La-Tee-Da Effusion & Fragrance Lamp Oil Refills - 32 oz

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32 ounce bottles of La-Tee-Da Fragrance Lamp Oils. Twice the size of the regular 16 oz bottles! Just $16.50 each or the price drops to $15.75 each if you buy 6 or more bottles! All our brands of fragrance lamp oils including Alexandria, La Tee Da, La Tee Da 32 oz, Bella Breeze, Tyler Candle Lamp Fuel, Lampe Avenue, Ne Qwa Art, Greenleaf Aroma Decor, La Maison, Aromatique, Claire Burke, Scentier 24 oz Courtneys 16 oz and Courtneys Liters work just fine in all brands of fragrance or effusion lamps. Use the pull down menu to make your fragrance selections one at a time or SCROLL DOWN TO THE MULTIPLE ADD TO CART to easily select multiple fragrances. Scents not listed in the pull down menus are temporarily out of stock. La-Tee-Da gives their fragrances two names, a catchy name and a descriptive name. 24 Karat - - leafy green fields of sunflowers and balck-eyed Susans, the intoxicating smell of linden blossom deepens the appeal, while soft amber vanilla lingers to fulfill. NEW - Absynthe Dancing in the Rain - - Dance through rain-0misted fields of fresh, white peonies and carnations in first-bloom... freen herbs lift the soft floral rain notes to create a scent that is delicately brillant. Feel the Passion - - Feel the passion of a fresh blooming lily and passion flowers on the vine, intertwined with the romantic scent of orchids and amber musk. Footprints in the Sand - - Hawaiian paradise.warm sun and tan toes - fresh salty air mingles with fresh peeled citrus and delicate jasmine blossoms. Front Porch - - Warming balsamic blend of hard woods with a soothing undertone of vanilla bean. Gardens of Savannah - - A bright, but alluringly coy fragrance with a fresh heart of magnolia grand flora - hints of musk notes in the base provide subliminal femininity. High Tea - - Golden pecan pie covered with brown sugar crystals and amaretto whipped cream. Hot Toddy - - Orange and cinnamon are combined with warm gingered apples - warm and spicy but reviving. Idyllic Refuge - - Fresh ground cinnamon sprinkled on crisp, tart green apples with a warm aromatic base of a long lasting vanilla. Island Time - - A de-lightful blend of island fruits - juicy mango together with succulent pineapple, sweet papaya with a squeeze of fresh citrus. NEW - Lickity Split Monogrammed Linens - - Rich lavender and herbal moss essences will relax and center you with their natural properties. Now & Zen - - Combines baby pumpkin, ginger and warm hay with a crackling spritz of fresh peppercorns with dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg. Pandamonium - - A complex layering of rich, woody elements that interweaves patchouli, cashmere, jasmine, citrus, and thyme into a sumptuous tapestry. Perfectly Pomegranate - - A delightful pomegranate fantasy...fresh raspberries and strawberries intermingle accented by red delicious apple and sweetened by creamy vanilla. Sheer Paradise - - A fruity citrus sugared blend of tangerines, oranges and grapefruits - wildly refreshing. NEW - Smoke & Mirrors - Enveloped by the warmth of supple mahogany and brushed by the velvety softness of leather and tobacco. Social Graces - - Light and beautiful soft as petals of heliotrope, white roses, jasmine, ylang ylang and violets leaves. Some Beach - - Captures the essence of crisp ocean breezes bristling through mottled, periwinkle fields of lavender and jasmine. Stay Awhile - - Long lasting rich and creamy tropical vanilla is accented with sugar notes of mango. Tropical Escape - - Sliced fresh honeydew, dew fruit and mango.juicy and ripe - heighten your tropical escape with the essence of fresh tropical melons and light tropical florals.


Product Title: La-Tee-Da Effusion & Fragrance Lamp Oil Refills - 32 oz

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