Gila 36 In. X 78 In. Titanium Energy Saving Peel And Cling Window Film 10366483


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Manufacturer: Gila

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Product Type: Stained Glass, Window Films


Product Title: Gila 36 In. X 78 In. Titanium Energy Saving Peel And Cling Window Film 10366483

Manufacturer: Gila

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Power Score: 3.6 | 14 Reviews

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Excellent if you know what you're doing

It's not hard to do. I did an entire house by myself in a day, and the peel & cling aspect was enormously helpful in comparison to the old Gila film. If you cut a half inch over on each side and use the cutter correctly once you get it on the window (leaving 1/16" around each side), you will have no problems getting all the bubbles out. Wet the window with the application solution really well...
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By Mush on Home Depot - Jun 12, 2013

Preparation is key to quality installation

I had used the thin outdoor film on some windows that get direct sun and it discolored and became brittle. Replacing it with "peel and cling" (interior surface) film is probably a better solution. Make sure you get glass surfaces absolutely clean(use a flat razor blade to scrape with cleaning solution-especially corners and edges)for best results. The view may be a bit milky looking at first,...
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By Melvin63 on Home Depot - Nov 4, 2012

Product is working as expected!

So far we are happy w/product. We can still see outdoors which was important to us. Took a while to get it just right w/out bubbles,but happy overall. Now we hope it saves us money on utility.

By Bassinger on Home Depot - Aug 7, 2012


This was a pain in the butt to put up. But even after we got it up, it just looked terrible. It looks really cheap. You really notice it's on because of all the imperfections which show up, even if you get all the bubbles out. It looks like you have a cheap plastic window. On the outside it looks like you put aluminum foil in your windows. We took it off right away. It just looks absolutely...
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By mightygoose on Home Depot - Aug 5, 2012

so far, very good!

We have the type of storm door with full length window or screen. We can't use the screen, however, because of neighborhood (tom)cats which drive our (indoor spayed female) cat into a frenzy when they invade her territory. The door faces west; the accumulated heat was oppressive, and this product provided the perfect solution. It provides UV protection and privacy without distorting our view...
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By moneysaver on Home Depot - Jun 21, 2012

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