Crate and Barrel Vinturi Red Wine Aerator

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Breathe life into wines instantly, with or without a decanter. The simple act of pouring wine through the aerator increases pressure as you pour, drawing in and mixing just the right amount of air to help wines open up to their full potential. Without a battery, charcoal, or filter, the Vinturi aerator gives you the same enhanced bouquet, fuller flavor and smoother finish you'd get from 1 1/2 hours of decanting. Aerator comes with a convenient stand. -Acrylic with rubber grip -Rubber base -Plastic and stainless steel mesh sediment filter -Dishwasher-safe -Made in USA

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Color: Red


Product Title: Crate and Barrel Vinturi Red Wine Aerator

Manufacturer: Crate and Barrel

Power Score: 4.8 | 63 Reviews

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Excellent Experience

I love my purchase so much I had to share and sent one to my sister. The Venturi Red Wine Aerator makes even every day red wine taste special!

By Anonymous on Crate & Barrel - Mar 5, 2013

Great gift!

Received one as a gift recently and liked it so much, we bought one to give as a Christmas gift. Works well for white wines, too!

By Anonymous on Crate & Barrel - Mar 4, 2013

smooth finish

I bought this for my husband as a gift for Christmas he loves it. We bought it to a family gathering and everyone noticed the wine tasted better and smoother. I'm glad I purchased something that is enjoyed.

By Anonymous on Crate & Barrel - Jan 16, 2013


Had fun doing taste tests with friends and family. I won every time... We could tell the difference between aerated and non-aerated. Aerated definitely was better!

By Anonymous on Crate & Barrel - Jan 9, 2013

Best gift ever

I purchased a few of these for friends for the holidays or birthdays in the past year.... I do not drink a lot of wine, but my friends do and they love this red wine diffuser. Many of them have started buying them for others... cant give a better recommendation then when those who you bought a gift for start buying it and giving it as a gift too.

By Anonymous on Crate & Barrel - Jan 8, 2012

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