Rothco Ultra Force S.W.A.T. Cloth BDU Shirt - KHAKI - KHAKI - Large

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AMS & Rothco:  We carry a large selection of Rothco Premium Tactical products.  Airsoft Megastore’s industry leading 125% Price Match Guarantee ensures that you will always get the BEST deal on our full line of Rothco tactical gear and apparel.  Airsoft Megastore is an authorized dealer of Rothco, which means that we are committed to bringing our customers the very best gear and apparel at the absolute lowest price on the market.Description:Rothco's line of premium BDUs (Battle Dress Uniforms) are perfect for any airsoft scenario, with large integrated pockets and reinforced stitching.  The Rothco BDU shirts are extremely comfortable and durable, designed for intense outdoor activities.  These BDU shirts are made from high grade S.W.A.T. Cloth (a poly/cotton Rip-Stop fabric), which is the fabric of choice for federal agencies.  The S.W.A.T. fabric is designed to be breathable, lightweight, durable, colorfast, wind resistant, and tear/ rip resistant.  These high quality BDU shirts can easily withstand the most extreme airsoft games, and are sure to outlast most other BDU tops on the market!  Most airsoft fields encourage (or require) you to play in full military uniform, making it easier to divide teams.  Nobody wants to look like a noob airsoft player with a sweatshirt and jeans! Complete your tactical airsoft loadout with these high quality, and battle ready Rothco BDU shirts!Specifications:- Crafted from Rothco's trademarked S.W.A.T. Poly/Cotton Rip-Stop fabric- Designed for All-Climate use- Breathable in hot temperatures- Wind resistant- Durable reinforced stitching- Tear & abrasion resistant- 4x Large integrated pockets- Buttoned cuffs- Snag-free front buttons- Reinforced elbowsAvailable Sizes:MEDIUMLARGEXLARGECOLOR:  KHAKIPackage Includes:  1x Rotcho Ultra Force S.W.A.T. Cloth BDU Shirt - KHAKINOTE:  This item only includes the Rothco BDU Shirt. All other pictured items are for demonstrative purposes only.

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Material: Canvas


Product Title: Rothco Ultra Force S.W.A.T. Cloth BDU Shirt - KHAKI - KHAKI - Large

Manufacturer: Rothco

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