Martha Stewart Living 7.5 Ft. Pre-Lit Sparkling Pine Artificial Christmas Tree With Clear Lights...

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Shop for Holiday Decorations at The Home Depot. This Pre-lit Sparkling Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear Lights and Pine Cones adds a glimmer to your home. This 7.5 ft. pine looks like you brought a piece of the wintery forest inside. With its clear lights, sparkling branches and snowy tips, this tree illuminates, adding an extraordinary appeal.

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Tree Type: Pine

Artificial Tree Size: 7.5

Light Type: Clear


Product Title: Martha Stewart Living 7.5 Ft. Pre-Lit Sparkling Pine Artificial Christmas Tree With Clear Lights And Pine Cones Gb1-300e-75x

Manufacturer: Martha Stewart

Power Score: 4.0 | 78 Reviews

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We choose this tree because it is prelit and frosted.

This tree isn't bad, but over priced for quilitity.

By WBLewis on Home Depot - Feb 4, 2013

Beautiful tree!

I have been wanting an artificial tree to save on expense and mess, but could never find one that didn't look obviously artificial until now.

By KELS on Home Depot - Jan 29, 2013

Beautiful tree

This is an absolutely beautiful tree. It would probably look great just plugged in without any ornaments in a foyer or hotel lobby. Decorated in my living room it brought sighs of pleasure from everyone who saw it. It was a tad messy there was a good bit of glitter left from putting it up and again when it was taken apart.

By kitty on Home Depot - Jan 22, 2013

Lights are dying, level by level

We bought this Dec 2010 because it was so pretty. It was great that year and last, but this Christmas season, one section went out after only a few days, followed by adjacent lights. Today another section just went out. Not one bulb at a time, but rather an entire section suddenly getting very bright, then poof. Out. I was wary of pre-lit trees. Now I guess we will have to dismantle all the...
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By KW66 on Home Depot - Jan 6, 2013

This is a beautiful tree

This tree is full, prelit, & easy to assemble. It took my daughter & I longer to fluff it than it did to assemble & decorate. This is our first artificial tree & WE LOVE IT!!! Everyone who came to my house for the holiday commented on the beauty of this tree. Lots of branches, Lights easy to relace the bulb, & STUNNING BEAUTY! As a matter of fact my husband requested that I order another for an...
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By conn2548 on Home Depot - Jan 1, 2013

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