Frontgate Pre-lit Colorado Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree. with Traditional Stand - 7-1/2'H...

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Lifetime warranty on foliage, frame, and tips. Three-year light warranty. Inspired by Nature. Renowned for its stunning silvery-blue hue, the Colorado Blue Spruce (picea pungens) grows wild on windswept Rocky Mountain slopes and nestles near clear snow-melt streams. Molded from living tree branches and natural cuttings, our version is dense with silvered starburst needles and the characteristic perfect-pyramid shape. It's an enduring holiday classic.Perfected by Frontgate. Looking to nature as our guide, we painstakingly replicated this beloved Christmas tree, from its full silhouette and fully rounded tips to its characteristic blue-tinted, frosty sage foliage. Foilage & Needles: The exterior branches and tips are molded from natural cuttings for unmatched realism. Then, we layer in soft inner foliage for utmost fullness and lighter weight. Even the stems are painted by hand to render authentic sensibility.Shape & Color: The distinctive blue hue, along with its classical conical shape and majestic stature, make this tree instantly recognizable. Learn how to Shape Your Christmas Tree. Enhancements: We've designed the tree with ample space between the branches to showcase oversize ornaments and special trim. Plus, every single tip is made with a heavy gauge stainless steel wire that will support even the heaviest ornaments. Yet these tips and stems retain some flexibility so you can shape them to your needs.Brilliant Lighting: Our careful consideration for the balance of lights to greenery ensures unparalleled brilliance. To that end, our remote-control lights are professionally wrapped by hand so that all you see is their glow. Rated at 3,000 hours, the clear lights are made with premium filaments that burn brightly at 200mA. Flame-retardant construction provides extra protection. Troubleshoot your Tree Lighting Problems.Easy Set-up: The Colorado Blue Spruce arrives with heavy duty hinged branches that settle to the angle that nature intended. This ensures easy set-

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Artificial Tree Size: 7-

Tree Type: Spruce

Color: Green


Product Title: Frontgate Pre-lit Colorado Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree. with Traditional Stand - 7-1/2'H x 63" dia. - Frontgate

Manufacturer: Frontgate

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