Giorgio Armani bois d'encens

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Bois D encens showcases Somalian Incense, an olfactory reflection of the hours Giorgio Armani spent with his grandmother in Italian churches. It is a rebirth of the mystery of the oldest known perfume in the world, Kyphi, created 4,000 years ago by the Egyptians. Bois d Encens springs from Giorgio Armani s own memories. I wanted to re-create the scent of incense from my childhood when I would go to church with my grandmother, he recalls. It had depth and warmth that also reminded me of the black stone from Pantelleria. Mystical and beguiling, Bois d Encens balances essence and pure incense, sumptuously enhanced with vetiver and cedar. It is the fragrance Mr Armani himself wears every day. KEYWORDS: MYSTERIOUS, POWERFUL AND SENSUAL KEYNOTE: INCENSE OF SOMALIA OLFACTORY FAMILY: WOODY CONCENTRATION: EAU DE PARFUM


Product Title: Giorgio Armani bois d'encens

Manufacturer: Giorgio Armani

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