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What a product!!

Following my doctors advice, I began with a higher number of calories. I still lost 4-6 bounds a week. I don't like to cook so I had to figure out a way to prepare foods the way I like them. It was not hard. I lost 27 pounds. This is the best food program I have ever found.

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - May 29, 2012


My self and my Mother have taken this since March. I have lost 22 Pounds and Mom has lost 20 Pounds. We ahve just started a secound round. As i would like to lose another 20 and Mom would like to lose another 25. We are very please with the results and the foods that have been offered to help with the plan through the site. We have been able to modify to please the entire family and there for they are eating healthier also. So in conclusion. Yeah GREAT PRODUCT!!!!

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - May 23, 2012

Great Product

My boyfriend and I have been on this diet for a little over a week. I am close to my 15 pounds lighter goal. He is only 17 pounds away from his goal. Together we have lost 16 pounds in seven days. I have a co-worker that is starting her HCG diet this week.

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - May 22, 2012

ive lost 6 pounds in 4days on the vlcd 6 days total with loading!!!

Ive been doing this diet for 6 days total! and lost 6 pounds and 4 days on on the vlcd! im amazed!!!.. i sleep like a baby! i have energy , not hungry!. the drops taste like nothing! its the best i recommend to anyone who's overweight and has tried diets unsuccessfully!. im a realist i honestly thought these were fake reviews but i must say its true its all true!!!! please dont wait! order these!

By Lonni on OfficialHCG - May 14, 2012

Love it!

I used the 2oz bottle and im on R2 right now, my first round I lost 25lbs and felt great. Thanks HCG

By Misnisha on OfficialHCG - Mar 12, 2012

Losing the weight

I started this diet phase one on Saturday August 13th for the first two days I ate more food than I would eat in a week. Morning meals two eggs, three sausage, two toast, two glasses of milk, six pieces of bacon, then lunch six popper, a very large pork tenderloin, large ff, three ice teas and snacks. well on Monday I started this diet thinking that it was going to be hard but it has been very easy I have lost 7.2 pounds in two days and I am not hungry and having no problems just miss my mexican food and hamburgers and also I smoke ribs, brisket, pulled pork but I need to loose so be it. I will write again in two weeks with my progress

By Dennis on OfficialHCG - Aug 17, 2011

Many People Were Impressed With The Quick Results

Last year I was looking to lose 10-15 lbs. in 40 days and ended up losing 25 lbs. My husband also went on the 40 day HCG diet and lost 50 lbs in 40 days Many people were impressed with the quick results we experienced and several colleagues of ours have successfully used the product with glowing results! Both my husband and I have managed to keep our weight fairly close to the weight we were at the end of the 40 day diet!!

By Teri- CA on OfficialHCG - Aug 15, 2011

Alive again after 7 years

I am only 14 days in, lost 12 lbs at 54 years old with no struggle. I am never hungry. I was NEVER able to do this on any other program and I have done them all. I can move joints, touch my toes and I feel like I can actually feel my blood flowing through my veins. I am alive again... Inches are just an amazing bonus.I still have 60 lbs to go but I am positive by Christmas I will be a totally new me.

By Steph on OfficialHCG - Jun 15, 2011

Lost 25 lbs and Going for it Again !

I had tried many different diets in the past few years, none of them worked permanently, I would lose the weight and gain it right back. With the HCG I was on the 6 week program (45+), I even allowed myself a cheat day 1 time a week, and over 6 weeks I lost 25 lbs. Now that was 6 weeks ago. So far I have maintained my weight loss (fluctuation is only around 2-3 lbs). I am ordering my second round, another 6 week program...hoping to lose another 25 lbs! Staring weight: 188, Current weight: 163, Goal weight: 135-145. (female, 5'3"") I highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF!!!! (thats the important part, right?)

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - May 4, 2011

4 days on HCG drops

This is my 4th day on the HCG diet and I am amazed that I actually lost 3lbs. The first two days were gorging out on my favorite foods and yesterday was really hard. I was so hungry but today I can tell it is getting easier. At lunch I noticed if I drink a whole bottle of water with my meals it actually fills me up quickly and believe me I HATE WATER but it is worth it! I love this diet I cant wait to see what my weight is gong to be in the morning. I have tried so many different diets and I really thougth this one would be the same. For some reason I have truly stuck to the diet and I have not cheated any and I really think this is the diet for me.

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - Mar 29, 2011


My husband and I have been on the couples HCG diet program for a week now and we are feel great. He is down 18.6lbs. and I am down 10.6lbs. As for inches lost we have lost 2-3 inches off of everywhere. This stuff really works and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight!! I will keep everyone updated as we continue our journey to a new us!

By April on OfficialHCG - Mar 19, 2011


This product works! I have lost 49 pounds since March. I am on my second round now and lost three sizes. I feel great and no more high blood pressure or pain and swelling in my feet and legs!I also feel 20 years younger.

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - Jul 14, 2011

Great Program!

I am quite blown away so far. I am only on my 5th day of the program and have lost 7 pounds, counting the 2 pounds I gained during the first two days of gorging. I can hardly wait to get on the scale each morning. I will keep updating my progress. This diet is so simple and seemingly, amazingly effective.

By anonymous; - Jul 12, 2011

This product worked well for me!

Strengths: Worked well. Easy to use.

Weakness: None

As we started getting older my wife and I both started putting on some extra weight. Between scheduling conflicts and family life there never seemed to be any time to exercise. It was depressing to see the extra pounds every time we stepped on the scale.When we found the Couples HCG Diet Drops Program we were, of course, skeptical. But since there is a 90-day money back guarantee we decided to give it a try and we are very happy that we did. The program arrived by free next day air and we got started right away. At the end of the 45 days I had lost 53 pounds and my wife had lost 47. We never thought it was possible, but it was amazing. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs or wants to lose at least 40 pounds.

By fyyrest0rm - Jul 4, 2011

Week 1. Down 10.6 pounds

This is great.. I lost 21 pounds in 2 months with nutrisystem then took a month off... I started HCG 1 week ago and lost 10.6 pounds in my first week. It is great... I did suffer with headaches my first 3 days after that I feel great and I can already see inches coming off..!! Good Luck... have faith and hope you succeed..!!

By Teresa Lynn on OfficialHCG - May 20, 2011

Great Stuff - Stick with it!

Truly, if you stick to the diet and the drops you will drop more weight that you can even belive!

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - Apr 30, 2012


I had in my mind - 3 weeks - I can do this. I seen results and continued for the 45 days and lost 36 pounds. I have tried everything - this stuff really works - you just have to disciple yourself and you will see the results.Thank you HCG I feel good and look good!

By DJF on OfficialHCG - May 2, 2012

This works!!!

It took me forever to finally start it. I kept thinking....there is no way I can only eat 500 calories. I finally told myself...I can do anything for 30 days. Started HCG and in 30 days lost 32 lbs. That was Aug. 2011. I have done it for a second time and I am down 65 lbs now. Started at a size 22/24 and am very comfortably into a size 14. My kids have not seen me this size since they were in elementary school. I am 59 years old and did not think I would ever get down the size but am loving every minute of it....and my cholesterol has gone from 221 to 180. I have told so many people about this and all that have tried it have been amazed also. A guy at work has a daughter that is at least 300 lbs and her first 45 days she lost 47 lbs and is getting ready to do it a second time. It works people!

By Vicki on OfficialHCG - Apr 30, 2012

I Love This Stuff!

I lost 30 pounds using HCG a year ago and want to lose another 30. I have recommended it to a few friends and they have all done well with it.

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - Apr 29, 2012


i loose in 6 days almost 10 ponds

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - Apr 28, 2012

Awesome product!!!

I tried the 15 day program and lost 17 lbs. it was not the pounds that amazed me but the inches I lost. People think I lost more weight because of the inches I lost. I don't know another program where you lose weight,inches and keep muscle tone. Try it and wait for the amazing results.

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - Mar 3, 2012

This REALLY, REALLY works! You will become a believer

At 59 years of age, I've tried everything and it wasn't until HCG and this fantastic website that I have gotten control of my weight and eating habits. I started the program on Thanksgiving Day 2010 and am now 90 pounds lighter! My friend, a registered nurse, went on it at the same time (we ordered the ""couple's drops"" and she, too lost 90 pounds. We have recruited many people and our new bodies sell the program! Fantastic service and shipping. I recommend this site to everyone!

By Dianne on OfficialHCG - May 7, 2012


My wife and I decided to do this program together..and it was the best decision we have made together! At first we were skeptical about the product so we kept in on the hush but before we could tell anyone people noticed within the first week! We have since then introduced hcg to another couple and also a friend! Its awesome we plan to do another cycle. We did the 45 day and each lost 30 lbs..

By esmeralda and jessica on OfficialHCG - May 3, 2012

the best!!!

this is the best! I was weary of trying it. thinking I would be so hungry. but it is like miracle water! the weight just fell off.It worked out great using couple because my friend and I kept each other on track.

By carla on OfficialHCG - Apr 28, 2012

A New Me!

I started HCG on Labor Day 2011. I just want to say, YES I have tried every DIET out there. Either I would loose the weight for a short period of time then regain or not loose and just add on additional pounds. Folks! Please no matter what other people may say. HCG works. I've lose 36 pounds and have keep it off now for 4months. Now I'm ready to move on the my next goal - to drop 44 more pounds this year.I have a shape that I thought I would never have. I ready for a happier healthier me! Since I've started my mother and dad have both jumped aboard. My dad has dropped 35pounds and mom 20pounds. People you can do it! Please - Please give it a try. For me my starting weight 280 - now I'm at 244. There's no looking back!

By Yolanda on OfficialHCG - Apr 23, 2012


I started HCG and after the first week I lost 11 pounds no exercise and I didn't really follow the diet pretty much just ate healthy plenty water thank you so much GUYS

By jenbabe on OfficialHCG - Apr 17, 2012


This product is not what I expected it to be. I absolutely love it. Thanks HCG

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - Jan 26, 2012

It works

I have tried everything... the HCG really works. I have lost 50 pounds. It really is easy, just follow the directions. I started at size 16 and am now wearing an 8. I have noticed between phases though I tend to regain about 8 pounds, this time I am going to try the synergy maint. boost.

By Kristy on OfficialHCG - Jan 24, 2012

Sceptical, but no longer!!! I love it..

I started HCG October 2011 and have went from a size 18-20 to a size 14 in less than 40 days. My husband started 3 weeks after me and has lost over 25 pounds. We couldn't beleive how easy it is. If you follow the plan you do lose the weight and it stays off!! We love it!!

By dawn on OfficialHCG - Dec 7, 2011


I started using the official HCG in March of 2011, by June I was down from a size 20 to a 12/14, and my weight has stayed off since this time we are now in November and I can truly say I have maintain my lifestyle of being healthy. If your truly serious about a lifestyle change you want regret using this product.


The Weight comes off and stays off

I writting you again I started this in August and now I am just watching what I am eating a paying attention to my weight daily which helps alot you can see what you eat what then what not to eat lost thirty pounds I wore a harley davidson shirt to other day that I have not worn in 10 years what a difference. I would sell this product to people because I can show the difference and people who know me do see the diff If you have a weight problem take this its worth it ThanksHCG

By Dennis on OfficialHCG - Oct 25, 2011

HCG Really Works!

Easy to navigate the website,quick ordering and products arrived FAST as promised!HCG really does work!I tell everyone who wants to lose any amount of weight to try it and give them this website.

By Cheryl - SC on OfficialHCG - Aug 26, 2011

It works!

Excellent - I lost 22 lbs in 17 days and have kept it off for 6 months so far. This is by far the best diet product I have used.

By Joanne-PA on OfficialHCG - Jul 7, 2011

Truly Works if You Work It

I started the product Tuesday, June 21st and I weighed 300lbs. After a week and 2 days on HCG I have lost a total of 12lbs. This product has helped me stick to the right portion size needed to lose the weight I need to lose and has boosted my metabolism. I feel great and am looking forward to a new me!

By Barbara on OfficialHCG - Jun 30, 2011

Down 20 pounds

Absolutely awesome!!!

By Dee on OfficialHCG - Jun 10, 2011


All I can say is amazing. In 10 days 10 lbs and 10 inches gone. I started on Wed. and by the next thur. I was had to pull out the jeans that were to tight becuase all the fit just right jeans just fell right off. Here is the most amazing thing though. I suffer from cronic migranes. My first day off the fatty processed foods my head hurt. But that was my last headache till last night when I grabbed fast food. Even though I still only ate a salad and my 4 oz of grilled chicken, my head was killing me. So processed food is truly killing us all and HCG proved it to me. So besides losing weight feeling great haveing more energy than ever before my skin is absolutly glowing.

By Barb on OfficialHCG - May 29, 2011

Wow, it really works!

I was very skeptical of HCG drops and the whole program. Boy was I put in my place!! I was on the drops for 6 weeks and lost 24 pounds (this did not include one week of menstruation where I did not take any drops). The one thing I couldn't give up was working out and Vodka!! On the days I worked out, I just increased my calorie intake to 1000 calories just as recommended. I still only ate the items listed on the food list. I did give myself one day a week where I allowed myself a few vodka's and club soda! Even with these two adjustments I lost!!! I have been off the drops for 4 weeks now, and have completely maintained!!! The only time my weight fluctuates is the day after weight training, but it always comes off the next morning. I have ordered my second bottle to start another round. My starting weight was 184.4 and I am currently at 160.4. I would like to loose another 15 or 20 pounds. I am a 35 year old female at 5'6"", and my height to weight ratio should be between 125 - 155. I am aiming for right in between at 140 to 145. All my coworkers have noticed my loss, and want to know how I did it. I just refer them to the website. Right now two of my coworkers are doing it too!! I think a few more will be on the wagon once they see how much the others loose! Try it, you have nothing to loose but pounds and inches!!

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - May 20, 2011