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Perfect Amount For The Last 10lbs!

Since starting HCG a year ago, I'm down to last 10 (stuburn) pounds to reach my goal! I had used the 45 day drops and lost 55 pounds but since I just had 10 more pounds to go, I opted for the 21 day drops which was perfect! I have so far lost 64 pounds and a total of 34 inches throughout my body!!!

By KT on OfficialHCG - May 15, 2012

A pound a day??? WOW!

I've been on this product and following the diet to a ""T"". I started 4 days ago and have already lost 4 pounds.

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - May 20, 2012


I started this 12 days ago a little hesitant and quie doubtful. Wow was I wrong I have lost 10 pounds and inches and feel Fantastic! Try it it's great! Goal is 50 by 50 I have till Aug I will do it!

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - May 9, 2012

Best I have ever used

Best I have ever used.

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - May 8, 2012

7 pounds inn7 days

I lost 7 pounds in seven days. The diet is hard to follow, therefore you need a lot of modification to continue.

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - Apr 29, 2012

4 pounds in 2 days

I think is working so far, I dont's feel anxious about eating, I think I can reach my goal, 16 more pounds at least :)

By Gabby Montes on OfficialHCG - Apr 25, 2012

My weight loss journey

I am so excited about this weight loss program, I was skeptible at first but now I am a believer. I have lost 10lbs in 4 days and I am just thrilled I've found Hcg

By Tonia on OfficialHCG - Mar 27, 2012

Awesome Results

Started drops July 30 following the diet as close as possible, goal was to lose 30 pounds so I bought the 4oz bottle for 45 days worth. I am at day 41 and down 29.2 pounds! Love it and highly recommend it. Oh my daughter started with me she is down 39 pounds and my husband after seeing our results started and at day 15 is down 15! This is the real deal, go for it!

By TereP on OfficialHCG - Sep 10, 2011

hCG 4 LiFE

I ordered the 45 and ive lost 38 pounds in 20 days ...

By Adam on OfficialHCG - Jul 6, 2011

Lost 20lbs in 21 days fast! and still losing.

Strengths: Lost weight quicker than I have with any other product

Weakness: None

I have always been thin and athletic even after 3 babies still doing great. After fourth and last baby had an emergency c-section and tied tubes I could not budge 30lbs that I kept from pregancey. I was running almost everyday and still I was 174lbs(I was 140 before at 5 10 ft.). I tried HCG 21-day plan and lost 20 in 21 days fast! and still losing.

By rebeccajones - Jul 3, 2011


I have always been thin and athletic even after 3 babies still doing great. After fourth and last baby had an emergency c-section and tied tubes I could not budge 30lbs that I kept from pregancey. I was running almost everyday and still I was 174lbs(I was 140 before at 5 10 ft.). I tried HCG 21-day plan and lost 20 in 21 days fast! and still losing.

By Melissa Dearth on OfficialHCG - Jun 17, 2011


so far so good

By cesar on OfficialHCG - Jun 14, 2011

16 lbs in 10 days

I was very weiry about taking a substance that I really had no clue about, but I had several friends that attempted HCG and they had much success. I am on day 16 and I have lost 16 lbs, they only way to make it work is to make sure you stay on the 500 calories each day.

By Nelson on OfficialHCG - May 30, 2011

It Really Works

I was very skeptical but the offer to return the product and get an addiitonal $10 made it risk free to try so I did. I ate great teh 1st 2 days and it has now been 1 week and I have lost 10 pounds at least 1/2 pound each day and feel great. trust me give it a chance it will amaze you better than any other diet plan I have ever tried

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - May 27, 2011


I have lost 15 pounds so far as of my 9th day on the program of drops! I went from 230-215 lbs and counting! I am very pleased. I have not been 215 in years. My goal is 145 lbs and I know I will get there within a couple more rounds! Thanks so much! Feel free to reprint as a testimonial.

By Satisfied in Colorado on OfficialHCG - Jan 31, 2011



By anonymous on OfficialHCG - May 23, 2012

Great product!

It works!

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - May 14, 2012

the best

very good product,it work for me

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - Jun 11, 2011

It Works!

I've tried other HCG drops and found out they didn't have the actual hormone in them! This is the the best and it works!! Try it, you'll LOVE IT :)

By Irene on OfficialHCG - May 17, 2012

Second time around

Last year I used HCG for the maximum 45 days, and lost 45 pounds! Needless to say I was thrilled. I knew that I needed/wanted to lose more, but I thought I would wait a while and see how things went. I was able to keep the weight off for the entire year! Right before I started the diet again, I did gain about 6 pounds. (In defense of the program I will say that I binged a bit in anticipation of the diet.) This has been a blessing for me and has helped me to finally change my eating habits and to start weighing myself. I have already lost 13 pounds this go around, and I'm once again very pleased.

By EJ on OfficialHCG - May 23, 2012

Officially The Best Diet

These drops are simply amazing. I researched the hCG diet program after a friend did the (very expensive) shots. I'm so happy I chose this Web site and drops. The experience was wonderful. I dropped real pounds from head to toe, never having the 'gaunt' face. I was never hungry. But best of all, I was energized thru the process!! Unheard of! The weight has stayed off. I went from size 14 to size 6 after several rounds. I feel 20 yrs younger and look it too!

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - May 16, 2012

This bottle Works

I have tried another brand that was cheaper and it tasted like the smell of rubbing alcohol. This is the only bottle my friends purchase as well as myself. The plus is you actually loose weight if you follow the instructions! This is the second time I have ordered. I lost 20 lbs in September 2011 and have gained 10 lbs back so I ordered the 21 day in hopes to drop the 10 and maintain the 20 lb loose! I have faith in my self control and this little bottle of drops!

By Meeshell on OfficialHCG - May 22, 2012

It works

I started 6 days ago and I am down 9 lbs. It is amazing. On day 3 I felt weak and hungry and thought I was not going to make it. But on Day 4 the hunger was gone and I have a lot more energy. It is truly a miracle. I would recommend to everyone. Try it and you will see results.

By Andrea on OfficialHCG - May 17, 2012


I ordered my drops at the beginning of the month and other than a discrepancy about my address, I have been very satisfied. I haven't stuck to the exact diet due to traveling, but since May 6th I have lost 10lbs and I still have a week to go! I feel great! After this cycle I'm going to take a month or two off to see how much weight I can lose and then start another. I'm recommending your drops to all of my friends!

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - May 23, 2012


This diet really works. The first round I lost 23 pounds in 24 days. I am on round two and so far I have lost 13 pounds in 15 days. I am ready to order one more bottle to reach my goal weight.

By Aundrea on OfficialHCG - Feb 22, 2012


I'm on day 5 and have lost 8.5 pounds already. I have 18 more to go to my goal. It has been very easy and you'd be amazed at the amount of food (if you eat the recommended ones) is 500 pounds. Most days I actually struggle to get to that point. My muffin top is very quickly disappearing and my co-workers have already noticed.

By Kelly on OfficialHCG - Jan 13, 2012

Best Weight Loss Ever

I have been trying to loose weight for over 10 years. I've tried Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, The Atkins Diet... you name it and I've tried it. Even though I lost weight, it NEVER came off my belly, but as soon as I stopped the diet I would regain all the weight I had lost PLUS more around my mid section. Using the hCG drops has given me a smaller waisline in only 4 weeks. I am down 5 inches & 18 lbs since starting the hGC drops 4 weeks ago. Thank yo so much! It is a miracle for me.

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - Dec 22, 2011

Extremely Fast!

I received my products from your company extremely fast and was also pleasantly surprised at how extremely fast the weight came off. I lost a lot of weight and have kept it off!

By Jenny-ME on OfficialHCG - Jul 11, 2011

Shocking but it really works!!!

I'm 48 and have about 30 pounds to lose. I can not believe this works and is so easy to do. I've been on it for 8 days and have lost 9 pounds already! I'm so excited to have found this!

By Debbie on OfficialHCG - Jun 3, 2011

72 LBS!!!

I have lost a total of 72 lbs since 01/01/2011 I'm on the 21 day plan now and have lost 13 lbs in 11 days HCG works if you stay on the plan

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - May 24, 2011


10 days on this product so far and ive already lost 15lbs. AWESOME!!! I cant wait for next week when i loose more...

By HCGROCKS on OfficialHCG - Feb 17, 2011

Totally awesome and it works

I have tried numerous diets throughout my life. Seeing pounds drop day after day was totally breathtaking. My goal was to lose 15 pounds and instead stopping at that weight I continued to lose a few more pounds. Total weight loss was 18 pounds, I am now done with my maintenance program but I got used to my new eating habits. I hope to maintain my weight of atleast the 15 pounds lost. I also felt great during the HCG period. Got to try it to believe it, but for me, you got me sold.

By RENEZ1 on OfficialHCG - Jan 29, 2011

I was a skeptic..

A friend told me her friend had lost 50 lbs. in a month on this product. I was skeptical. Then she went on it and lost 7 lbs. in the first week. So, I gave it a try. What did I have to lose? I am glad I did. Now I'm a believer. I tried calorie restriction on my own before doing this and was gaining weight rapidly. It was very frustrating. So, there has to be something to this product, because I am seeing results. Be advised, the 3rd and 4th day on the diet, when you actually begin the restricted calories, were a nightmare. But, after I got past those 2 days it has been basically a breeze. I've modified the diet a bit and have been able to stick with it. I've been on this for about 5 weeks, lost almost 13 lbs. and numerous inches. I am very pleased with the results, as are friends I have referred to this plan, and I plan on doing a second round to lose the last 10 lbs. I would recommend this to anyone looking to lose weight and see results immediately.

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - May 20, 2012


I’ve done the HCG protocol with doctors and injections and haven’t had the results I have already had on your product. I have already dropped 5 pounds by day three(and I just started my cycle) and I am drinking plenty of fluid. Mornings are a little tough but as long as I have my tea I seem to be fine and each day is getting easier. Just wanting to drop 10-15 and it looks like I’m on my way. Very motivating to keep moving forward.

By Karen on OfficialHCG - May 27, 2012


I really cant believe that this works I have lost 22lbs all in 3weeks. I have never in my life seen results like this and not only did i loose a ton of weight quickly I lost a lot of inches. Stick to the 500cal diet, it is not difficult and you are not hungry you will see amazing results!!!!

By G on OfficialHCG - Jun 14, 2011

Da Best!

I can't believe it...on Phase 1 (dropped) 9 pounds. I'm on phase 2 I lost total of 21. I have 15 more days to go and I definitely going to reach my goal! Chehuuuu!

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - Mar 16, 2012

Better than ANYTHING out there. I dare you to try it.

I am simply amazed at just how great this program works. I was told by several friends that it worked but I was a doubter. They were relentless, so I finally caved-in. That was the best argument I ever LOST, actually I have even lost 35 pounds in just 38 days. I am still losing weight today.

By 123GoingGoingGone on OfficialHCG - Sep 2, 2011

It beats all other diets that i have tried!

A couple of people that i know have tried it and i noticed how they were losing the weight so i figured i'd give it a shot. I've been taking hcg for about 2 weeks now and i have lost 14 pounds! My clothes are falling of me and my co workers are also noticing. It has also helped me to feel healthier and helped me to realize that i wasn't eating the right types of foods before. I feel more confident,healthier, and energetic! I have tried a couple of other diets and this is the only one that i can truly say really has worked for me. its awesome! ;)

By sunshine :) on OfficialHCG - Aug 19, 2011


This was probably the best thing I ever did for myself. I lost 18 pounds during the first 26 days of stage 1/2 and 7 more during stage 3. I have changed my eating habits and have not gained any weight back in a few days over the 1 year it has been. Your store was great and your product is nothing short of amazing!!

By Eva-CA on OfficialHCG - Jul 7, 2011

It really works!

I am a 40 year old male. I had my doubts about this product but after doing a little research, I decided to purchase the 21 day plan and the chroma mate supplement. I cannot say enough about the results!! I started at 330 lbs. It has been 2 weeks today and I have lost a total of 28 lbs. I can't wait to see how much weight I can lose!!

By Matt on OfficialHCG - Apr 24, 2011

:-) awsome

Wow!! That's all I have to say, this product works real good. It's my fist week with the HCG Drops, I've lost 9 lb with no exercise, it's awsome I love it!! Thanks!!

By Alejandra Perez on OfficialHCG - Jan 5, 2011

Great Product

Easy to use and results are seen almost immediately.

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - May 15, 2012

Better consumer support then the federal government!

When I needed questions answered I got results from The official H C G diet professionals, thats more than we can say about Washington!!""

By anonymous on OfficialHCG - Apr 30, 2012



By Sally on OfficialHCG - Feb 11, 2012


I lost 28 pounds in right under 4 weeks. I was skeptical at first and did not think I would be able to do it because I loooove food! Not only was it easy to follow, I had so much energy and felt a lot better than I have in a while. Everyone kept telling me that the weight would just come right back as soon as the diet stopped. Here I am 6 months later without a pound gained back!!!! I encourage everyone to do it! You will not believe it!

By AJS on OfficialHCG - Jan 1, 2012

l lost pounds without trying

I picked the drops up at a local store..can't even recall where...took them for about three weeks then kinda forgot about them..went to my Dr five months later and had lost 17 & 1/2 pounds witout doing anydieting or excercising in any deifferent way. I'm 65 and thought I'd have to really make a lot of I'm taking them every day and can't wait to go back to the Dr in March2012 ...I was there last in Nov 2011. I know everyone has different results but I am super excited!!!!!!!

By Carole Reeves on OfficialHCG - Dec 11, 2011

really works!

I have tried many diets in the past,this is the only diet that works,im going to buy more drops to help maintain my weight,i lost 18 pds in the first 21 days thank you HCG

By darlene on OfficialHCG - Dec 11, 2011

It Really Works!!!!!!!

This diet plan is the real deal! I am on day 29 and have lost 22 pounds. I have tried every diet there is but this one is definitely the best!

By RLS on OfficialHCG - Oct 28, 2011


I just finished the HCG 21 day program. I lost a total of 15 lbs., 6 inches and a dress size. It's a fantastic product. You'll be amazed with the quick results.

By Lisa on OfficialHCG - Jun 23, 2011


My starting weight was 167 lbs. I've been on the HCG drops for 5 days and I have lost 7 lbs. I'm very disciplined about eating healthy and exercizing, but for some reason, I could not lose the weight. Switching from a 1200 calorie diet to a 500 calorie diet was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I cannot wait to see what my end results will be. GOOD LUCK!

By Lisa on OfficialHCG - Jun 1, 2011


I've been on the Hcg drops for 5 days, the scales says I've lost 7.4 lbs! I've tried all types of diets and exercise plans and failed al! This is truly amazing! Doing 500 calories is a lot easier than I imagined with your delicious recipes! Can't wait for the 21 days to be complete, to see the results! I started at 149 lbs, wanting to get rid of my muffin top! I'm so excited!

By Lillian on OfficialHCG - May 21, 2011

Working so far!

I'm on day 7 and have lost 7 pounds! This is the fastest best diet I've been on. Can't wait till my 21 days are over so I see how much I have lost. Will keep you guys updated :)

By Jessie on OfficialHCG - May 19, 2011

Life Saver

I am 48 and I think I have tried everything out there. HCG drops has done it for me, the remarkable thing is I don't feel like I am starving. Thank you HCG GREAT product.

By Cindy from OK on OfficialHCG - Mar 18, 2011