New Chapter Broccolive Plus -- 90 Vcaps

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For the past ten years, the scientific community has equated broccoli and the whole cruciferous family of vegetables with good health. Now, researchers have demonstrated that cruciferous vegetables' early sprouts contain the highest concentrations of their proven beneficial nutrients.The power of BROCCOLIVE Plus lies in the quality of its sprouted seeds. Broccolive Plus seed sprouts offer the richest array and potency of biologically active and important compounds. Ten years of sprouting experience, and flash freeze-drying assure the maximum protective benefits from cruciferous sprouts.

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medicine type: capsule

dietary and weight loss type: Cleanse & Detox

supplements size: 90 capsules


Product Title: New Chapter Broccolive Plus -- 90 Vcaps

Manufacturer: New Chapter

Power Score: 4.5 | 2 Reviews

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Gentley cleanses.

By Angelica3 on Vitacost - Aug 17, 2012

best purchase ever

thank you for send the tracking number and give me the shipping date.and every thing i purchased was in one package with the best packing. i will be glade to order from you later.this is a good shop experience .

By kounli on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

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