Purpose Skincare Bragg Liquid Aminos -- 16 fl oz

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Bragg Liquid Aminos is a Vegetable Protein Seasoning from Healthy, Certified Non-GMO soybeans from the Original Formulas by Health Pioneer and Originator of Health Stores, Paul C. Bragg. A Gourmet Alternative to Tamari SauceNo PreservativesNo AlcoholNot FermentedGluten-FreeNutrition You Need, Taste You LoveTo season your favorite food & also makes a delicious broth

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medicine type: liquid

supplements size: 16 oz


Product Title: Purpose Skincare Bragg Liquid Aminos -- 16 fl oz

Manufacturer: Purpose Skincare

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Power Score: 4.7 | 58 Reviews

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my favorite

I love this stuff, use it regularly. It tastes like soy sauce and is salty so I use it on plain brown rice, on stir fries and steamed veggies and even a splash to bland soup. Just take it easy-a little goes a long way!

By bouldergal on Vitacost - Apr 22, 2013

Tastes just like soy sauce

You only need to use very little for great taste. I never add salt to anything, but will always add this. Made from amino acids, but does have sodium, so use sparingly. Use it in soups, vegies, pretty much everything that you would want to add salt

By Palimino on Vitacost - Apr 9, 2013

Great flavor addition instead of Shoyu or Maggi

This has been my favorite seasoning for years. I love that it has no MSG and it's perfect in soups, veggies, stews- whatever!!!

By SensitiveSkinFamily on Vitacost - Apr 6, 2013

Great alternative to salt or soy sauce

This is great to put on anything you would put salt on. Great taste and not too salty and much healthier than salt. Great alternative to soy sauce and the amino acids are a healthy bonus. This is a must have staple in my home now.

By SWFLGRL75 on Vitacost - Mar 18, 2013

Great taste

Braggs has a lot to Bragg about , love this in soups and subsitute it for Salt in a lot of Dishes not only Flavor but the aminos are building Blocks fo Muscle growth also women its a soy product should be Beneficial !

By Wellglory on Vitacost - Mar 16, 2013

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