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35 billion CFU.

Strengths: Life-changing ! ! !

Weakness: Price - but it's SO worth it! Don't settle for lesser qualities!

I have suffered for over 20 years with GI distress - allergies, IBS, food intolerance to the point where I found myself saying frequently, "Food is poison" and just didn't eat much of anything - especially stuff that was good for me (processed foods with no nutritive content, didn't seem to bother me - go figure). Finally heard about this product and tried it, and it has changed my life! I can eat REAL food again - all the foods I'd long ago given up: all fruit (except bananas), most vegetables, onions in any form, most grains, all lactose products, BEANS - After about 4 months on this product, I can eat all the above and not have MAJOR distress - often to the point where I had to isolate myself from social situations! It is literally life-changing! I / my husband are not gullible and don't in for gimmicky - "this changed my life"-run out and buy type sales pitches. . . but THIS DID CHANGE MY LIFE. I've gotten my daughter started on it. She was showing signs of going down a similar genetic road, and we're hopeful for her too! At 60 years of age - I'm saying this for the first time: Thank you Probiotics - you gave me back my life! !

By Sari1949 - Jul 31, 2009

Primadophilus Optima

Strengths: 35 billion CFU. Amazingly powerful.

Weakness: None - except that you should keep it refrigerated, which is true of all acidophilus products, so it's not an individual weakness of this product.

This is the best acidophilus product I have found and used. I've had a problem with others in that they weren't strong enough to be effective. This one does the job for me. My thanks to an amazing product.

By GLieber007 - Mar 6, 2008

Excellent Product

I've researched and tried so many probiotic products and NONE contain the variety or quantity as this one. There is no stomach upset or after taste that I've experienced with others. YES, you have to keep it in the fridge and Yes it is more expensive than many others. But it works! If you have digestive problems, frequent diarrhea or constipation give it a try. I have IBS with diarrhea and this gets my system back to normal quickly yet gently.

By GrammaNona on Vitacost - Apr 9, 2013

Good probiotic

High potency and reasonable price.

By Shantih on Vitacost - Feb 26, 2013

Great product

I use this product to accompany multiple doses of antibiotics which I take to address Lyme Disease. It has made tolerating the antibiotics much easier.

By LymeLight on Vitacost - Feb 26, 2013

Good product for a decent price

Purchased this for my son who was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease and his pediatrician recommended this probiotic. He's taking it just before his breakfast, it's hard to tell if the product is working because we was not symptomatic for celiac.

By raceve01 on Vitacost - Aug 15, 2012

Great Probiotic

This product has 14 strains of Bifido and Lacto!! It ensures that it will stay fully potent the entire shelf life and it has a coating that protects it from stomach acid. I have been taking this off and on for 6 months. When I take it everyday consecutively, I notice that I have more energy. When I don't take it consecutively, I cant tell that it does anything.

By Bgustin on Vitacost - Feb 20, 2012

Bloat Be Gone!

For almost 6 years, I have had a terrible problem with bloating after eating. It didn't matter what I ate, or how much. Even a small salad would cause incredible bloating. It was SO uncomfortable, and made me look like I was 5-6 mos. pregnant (seriously). I looked like I had swallowed a watermelon, whole. I asked my (new) doctor about it and he recommended an OTC brand which has become popular and has been in a lot of TV ads. I always research anything I am prescribed, and did the research on this product. The cost is approx. $20 for 20 doses (1/day). The packaging did not describe the ingredients, other than to give the tradmarked name of the bacteria strains used in the product. I called the company, and they said they were unable to divulge the exact components of the product. BEWARE !! If you can't know what's in it, you have no idea what you're putting into your body. I did my research and found that as you age, you need more of the B- bacteria in your lower intestines, so I searched every probiotic product I could find and found the one with the best combination of L- and B- bacteria to be Nature's Way Primadophilus, which has 14 different strains (the more, the better) and plenty of the B- type bacteria. I tried it and I am completely satisfied! NO MORE BLOATING!! I take one in the morning about 1/2 to 1 hr. before eating. I find it is best taken on an empty stomach, because with food, the stomach churns up too much acid and the pill may not make it very far along in the intestines. This is a WONDERFUL product, and well worth the price, and the prices at Vitacost are best. If you have a problem with bloating after meals, please give this product a try. You will be pleasantly surprised. I HIGHLY recommend it!!! It is also a good supplement to take during/after any kind of antibiotic treatment, because antibiotics kill not only the bad bacteria, but also the good bacteria, which need to be replaced for healthy intestinal flora. This is an excellent find!

By VitaMaid on Vitacost - Jan 12, 2012

Great Relief

I have been using this product for 5 years. When I turned 40, I started noticing that heartburn was becoming a bad habit. Changing my diet did little to help as I eat healthy. My doctor put me on Zantac, a bad product, and after 18 months of that, my sister introduced me to this product.It worked almost overnight and I have been using it since. My sister just introduced me to Vitacost where the prices can't be beat.I recommend this product to anybody who has dealt w/chronic heartburn or acid reflux. Take one every day and you will be glad you did.Best bang for the buck!!!

By DuhaaMan on Vitacost - Dec 1, 2011

Best Probiotic

The Optima have really boosted my immune system & I am able to eat less and derive more energy from what I do eat.

By Ron1945Ohio on Vitacost - Oct 26, 2011


I've been using this Probiotic every morning for two years and have never gotten sick since then! If I start to feel like something is coming on, I take an extra one. Our gut is 80-90% of our immune system. Get the "good guys" on your side by taking probioitcs. This one works for me and my husband!

By Bonnieyag on Vitacost - Oct 9, 2011


Great product. I truly believe it helps my digestive system and puts back required elements into my body.

By Schnauzerlvr on Vitacost - Sep 11, 2011

A Must Have

I take probiotics every single day. I have found that I like this one the best. It is important to have true potency and with also the highest strains/CFU's. This one has 14 strains and 35 Billion CFU's. It must be refrigerated to maintain potency.

By lindyluwoodard on Vitacost - Jul 4, 2011

Keeping me balanced

I feel healthier by taking this product every day. It is great.

By snickerdoodle on Vitacost - May 14, 2011

Really works!

I was initially skeptical that this product would be effective, but have been pleasantly surprised. I have had zero digestive issues since I started taking it. I was so impressed I sent it to my 27 year old son, and he has already re-ordered. I don't mind paying the price for a product that actually works.

By CalebB on Vitacost - Apr 2, 2011

Mde things worse

I had high hopes for this product after doing a lot of research and reading other reviews. I took it according to the directions for two months and I was bloated and in pain most everyday. All of my IBS symptoms were flaring up all at once and it was terrible. Once I stopped taking Primadophilus Optima, I was better within a few days. I switched to Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra Ultimate Probiotics and have had great results so far.

By pcthegr8 on Vitacost - Mar 17, 2011

great product

Primadolphilus Optima gives you the maximum colon cleanse that you can get. Safe, effective and priced right.

By mamdeer on Vitacost - Mar 16, 2011

Best probiotic

My life literally depends on probiotics, I am on long term antibiotics for Lyme Disease, probiotics are imperative in high doses when on antibiotics. This product is possibly the best there is. But be aware that Vitacost does not ship it on ice packs and it is temperature sensitive and compromises the good bacteria. Most online companies will ship this on ice packs. Happy w/product, not happy w/the way they shipped it and it did compromise the product making it useless. Price is ok, but have found for less shipped on ice at another company

By suppguru on Vitacost - Feb 21, 2011

Changed my life!

I rarely write reviews but I must say this is the best thing I have ever bought. Saw results after 1 week. NEVER have been regular my whole life. Only a 1 or 2 time a week BM. Now, it is every other day, sometimes 2 consecutive days of normal BM. I am a very healthy 48 year old but always had a little distention in my lower belly. Now that is disappearing. I've ordered more! Please give a try. It's worth every penny.

By dannapit on Vitacost - Feb 1, 2011

Good for your gut

This product makes for a healthy colon.

By Guiseppe on Vitacost - Jan 31, 2011

Helps my digestion

It seemed like just about everything I was eating was upsetting my stomach or caused an immune reaction. So I tried this along with this company's Primadophilus Bifidus with meals and I've been very pleased with the results. Although they usually recommend taking this between meals, I've had good luck taking it with meals too.

By watchstone on Vitacost - Jan 11, 2011


This helps an aging gut. Constipation is common with aging. I love this probiotic because of the high count and the excellent results. I don't get that bloated feeling and it seems to make my tummy a little flatter. I like that it's enteric coated so it's protected against stomach acid. I always go back to this brand because of its high quality.

By solaray on Vitacost - Jan 7, 2011

GREAT Product & Great Price

This was recommended to me and I appreciate taking the best supplements I can find and this is a great $ too!

By noele on Vitacost - Jan 5, 2011


I purchased this product after I had my gallbladder removed. I was having a lot of intestional upset and my surgeon recommended eating yogurt. I couldn't eat enough yogurt to stop my intestional upset. I would of needed to eat a gallon or more of yogurt a day. (ugh!!) So I decided to try this pre and pro biotic out. It really has worked wonderfully!! I plan to keep on purchasing it to keep my stomach/intestines feeling good. I would recommend you give this one a try!!

By sadiesue on Vitacost - Sep 28, 2010

Good product, but check viability!!

I have been very satisfied with this product, but would recommend that you always check the viability of newly received product by opening a capsule into a small amount of milk to see if there is growth. A batch I received in the mail did fine, while a refrigerated batch I bought at a major vitamin supply store was inert.

By FloridaHealthSeeker on Vitacost - Aug 8, 2010

Poor Storage

The product is great but it must be refrigerated. Unfortunately, VitaCost only keeps it in a "cool environment" not a cooler. This breaks down the effectiveness of the product according to Nature's Way. You might want to look somewhere else.

By atl1 on Vitacost - Aug 5, 2010

Great product!

My doctor recommended this product. I have tried many other brands of probiotics and this one is, by far, the most effective. It's also a good value.

By picker on Vitacost - Jun 29, 2010


I would highly recommend this high-potency probiotic. The company has a very good reputation. This is one of their best products and the most potent probiotic that I know of. I've had good results from this.

By sagellc99 on Vitacost - Jun 20, 2010

Fantastic Product!

My doctor recommended this at my last check up due to a lifelong history of IBS. I had tried fiber products, stool softeners, even prescription medications but nothing ever worked. This is so unbelievable- for the first time in my life I feel normal. Can't beat the price! Thanks Vitacost, I'm your customer for life!

By MKLady on Vitacost - May 31, 2010

Best Probiotic

Works the best because it has PREBIOTICS as will as probiotics..I've tried many- this is the one that finally worked for me.

By emmaa on Vitacost - Mar 15, 2010

keeps the 'bugs' away

I have been using this particular product for a while and have found it to be the best for me and my needs. It really does seem to diminish symptoms of viral infection and aiding in a sensitive digestive tract.

By LUMom on Vitacost - Feb 13, 2010


Excellent product. Couldn't live without it!!!! Highly recommend!!!

By SatisfiedGirl on Vitacost - Feb 11, 2010

works great !!!

This really works. I can sleep without feeling like I have an internal oven cooking me to death. I take it in the evening before i go to bed. It is a little pricey but worth it.

By 1Texan on Vitacost - Dec 14, 2009

Good product.... but

Works great and has made a big difference with me.But you can buy this for $11 cheaper at

By Meep on Vitacost - Nov 5, 2009

Price increase

They raised the price on this by 10 dollars in the last 2 months. Every time I write this review it doesn't end up on the site, because they don't want anyone to know that they raised the price. This is terrible. I expected more from vitacost. I am very disappointed.

By nikk on Vitacost - Oct 22, 2009

price increase

Vitacost increased the price of this product by 10 dollars in the last few weeks. When you buy probiotics you have to have them shipped one day or they'll die in transit as they need to be refrigerated so that brings your price up another 13 dollars. Let vitacost know that increasing the price of a product by 10 dollars is NOT OKAY. You can buy this exact same product on for 28 dollars.

By nikk on Vitacost - Sep 21, 2009

bad shipping

I live in Phoenix and it took 8 days to get my primadolphus. By that time in 115 degree temperature the containers were almost busting and you could not hold them in your hand. I have no doubt that the product was ruined . The rep that I spike to said to return it. I'm unable to follow thru to return the product due to my physical condition so I am stuck with it.

By ArizonaBob on Vitacost - Sep 10, 2009

Great Probiotic for IBS Suffers!!!

My wife has IBS-D and this seems to be working great. She has been on a few different probiotics and they have all been a God send for her. She has been on this one for about a month now and hasn't had any problems or IBS flare ups. We tried NSI 15-35 probiotic and it seemed to work good too. Hope this helps!

By stangcbr on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Worth every penny

These will cost you a bit more than the generic brands, but in my experience no product is as fresh or effective. I have IBS and these have relieved about 95% of the symptoms (bloating, constipation, etc.) I'm used to experiencing on a daily basis. Highly recommended!

By dairycallou on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Great Product

This is a great product. Not exactly magic but very solid content. It is difficult to fine such a complete and prolific probiotic.

By JoevdB on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Not for Me

I have taken two other probioitics without any problems, one being Culturelle, and I just couldn't tolerate this one. I tried to take it every day and felt like I had the flu and had worse IBS and bowel troubles. I read about the "die off" effect that can happen with probiotics and tried to stick with it but I felt very bad. So, I stopped and restarted it at every other day and I didn't feel as bad this time, but did continue to have worse IBS and bowel troubles. So, I decided it wasn't for me.

By MamaofTwins on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

This is by far the best probiotic

This is an excellent product! I've tried other probiotics, like the NSI probiotics and Nature's Way is the best. I could tell the difference right away when I started taking this product, better digestion, better bowel movements, remission of colitis. I haven't even been sick since taking this product. I would recommend this product. I was looking for natural solutions to help my colitis, and this worked for me.

By kurtinpa on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

It Saved Me !

I'm glad I purchased this one! After the antibiotics i had to take (stuff happens), this is great to revive the good bacteria we all need in our bodies! It also helps maintain immune system when healthy! It is good for anyone. My whole family is taking Primadophilus. Very satisfied. Take it with your multivitamins, add vitamin C, also get fish oil, and you are good to go! Works for me. I am a college student, a girlfriend, a sister, a daughter, and i have a job, too. Life can be a bit crazy, but hey, thanks goodness to right?

By Bebe on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Best I have Used

I have tried many probiotics with little or no REAL results to speak of, but someone told me that if you have a yeast or candida problem you need to take at least 50 billion live cultures a each dose in order to make a real difference. also to tell if the product is still live place the broken capsule in some milk and see if it cultures. The day i got these i placed two in a glass of milk and within an hour or so i had yogurt, WOW.... These seem to be helping me greatly and i will continue to use them.

By Malkuth on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

No side effects

A lot of people say that when they take probiotics they get gas or other unpleasant side effects. I have never taken probiotics before and did not have any problems transitioning to taken this particular product either.

By Ecogiver on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Great for fighting yeast infections

I have always had chronic yeast infections. I started a probiotic years ago, but it was very expensive. I switched to this product because it was more reasonably priced and had a higher count of bacteria. My yeast problems are very rare now, usually happens around the holidays when I consume too much sugar.

By GreenestMommy on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Excellent 4 IBS!!

I've had IBS for 6 years now, and I have tried many products on the market that didnt work for me. I been using Primadophilus for 3 months and no more bloating, less gas, flatter stomach and I am regular again. I even give this to my son who has Autism and also has digestive problems. There has been major improvement for the both of us. Try it you'll see.

By Dannieluv76 on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Excellent Product to Combat Yeast Infections

I have been plagued by yeast infections most of my adult life. I finally found a doctor who knew how to treat the problem. My doctor recommended this product to me to keep the yeast infections in check. It has worked!!! This product is definitely a must for any woman that has or is dealing with yeast infections. Just take one everyday.

By Sunshinestripes on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Attention IBS Sufferers

This product was referred to me last year by a vitamin shop in my area. The retail price was over $60. However, it worked. My IBS symptoms and my whole immune system changed drastically after about three weeks of taking it. During high stress time sometimes I will take two a day and I have had no IBS issues whatsoever! Even in several IBS books this type of probiotic is reccomended because it contains ALL of the strains needed.I have been using it over a year and love it! I can actually tell if I forget it for a few days etc...This is awesome!

By Hipmmmy on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Excellent Product

It is effective for me in that it got rid of periodic stomach aches that even a gastroenterologist couldn't figure out the cause. It is also good until the expiration date not the date of manufacture like many.

By 22Lou on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

My body loves these Probiotics!

I have used a number of different probiotics for many years, including Primal Defense for 4 years. They kept me going, but never eliminated the terrible breakouts I continuously had on my bottom. I knew my digestion was not 100% and I worked hard at eating good healthy foods and avoiding a lot of sweets and carbs. When a friend who had Crohns Disease found a international chat room where European members raved about Primadophilius Optima by Nature's Way and said it contained 2 great floras that other brands did not and it really helped their cronhs condition, I tried it.This has truly been the most effective and best of any and all of the many different probiotics I have tried. I keep an extra bottle in my refrig and often share them with others who need some help. I know we all need good flora support in our intestines and for our digestive tract, this is the easiest and best I've found! Only one cap a day and I'm on my way. I rarely ever break out anymore and never as terribly or for as long as I did for years. That in itself proves to me that my body is happy and loves this product! Thank you so much for asking!

By Sunny on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Less expensive

14 Probiotic strains and 35 Billion CFU for half the price at my local store. The only drawback from ordering from Vitacost is that these need to be refrigerated and they weren't, but they did arrive in a very timely manner. If they could figure out a way to ship them with an ice pack like I received another product, it would be nice.

By Bill1983 on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Worth the price but room for improvement

It has reduced but not eliminated IBS and other discomforts. The manufacturer should consider increasing the quantities of Bifidobacterium INFANTIS and Lactobacillus LGG for more effectiveness.

By PlainTalkUpdated on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Excellent multi-strain probiotic.

I've been using this product for two months now, switching over from Enzymatic Therapy's acidophilus pearls. Those were good, but I think this brand is more effective in alleviating my eczema. I take one capsule daily, about half an hour after my afternoon snack and at least two hours before dinner.My skin irritation isn't gone, but it is greatly reduced. Even including the shipping charges in the price, the deal you get at Vitacost is much better than what I've found in stores.

By Holistic on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Worth a try

Of all the probiotic products I looked at, this was, by far, the best value. It didn't help me with my IBS, but probiotics don't help everyone. That being said, it was worth a try.

By Mainiac on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Highly recommend

I have never found a product (or anything at all) that helps my IBS like this does. PLUS, I have clearer skin also!

By Mimsy on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Works Great

I bought this because of my doctor's Recommendation, it has helped my stomach alot. I have had problems because of IBS and upset stomach after meals. After only 5 days I now can eat comfortably anything I want, and no more IBS! Works Great!

By baltika on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009


I ordered said product, never recieved same and when I called investigating I was told by your company you all had sent it to post office and it was my problem to work with the Postal Service to retrieve package, I have yet to recieve product. I think this is atrocious customer service.

By lehdz on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009


I've been taking probiotics since 1983, and have used many different ones. When ordering through the mail, especially in the summer heat, there is always a high risk of killing the bacteria in transit, so whenever I try a new type of probiotic, I always open one capsule and culture it in milk, to see if it's any good. Despite arriving hot to the touch on my doorstep in over 90 degree weather, this product performed better than any I've ever tried. It formed a solid yogurt in less than 24 hours. I've never seen a probiotic do this in less than 48 hrs. I would highly recommend this.

By klutzo on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

A Winner

Nature's Way has set a high standard for this product. A very large amount of viable organisms, a wide variety, and a respectable ingredient delivery process. I recommend this and made the purchase after reviewing perhaps every brand on this site. Excellent value, good product.

By JCBH on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Keeps Me From Getting Sick

You've probably heard that 80% or so of your immune system is located in your intestines. Well, this probiotic keeps me from getting sick when everyone at my office and home has gotten sick at least twice so far this season. So, I make sure to never run out of this stuff--and VitaCost has it cheaper than any other place I've looked (and I've looked in a lot of places!)

By angeleye on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

It works!!

Absolutely love this works!! I've tried many probiotics and this is the only one with more candida!

By Weezer8 on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Great Probiotics!

I've been using Jarrow for several months, but after trying Nature's Way Primadophilus Optima, I'll be switching permanently! Nature's Way works better, and you don't have to take as many of them for the best results.

By Laila on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Helps with IBS

I started using this product about a year ago. I take one capsule every morning on an empty stomach. Since taking these capsules, they have helped with my irritable bowel. I have had only one or two bouts with IBS. I will be taking these capsules everyday and never skipping a day, however their cost is on the high side.

By udawoman on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Best ProBiotic

Expensive but worth the money.

By EmbreyMD on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Great Product

I purchased this product for BV but it ended up working great on my Rheumatoid as well. If you use it, don't stop as it takes a while to start working and you will feel the difference when you stop.

By shanbr on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

exeptionally effective

I had diarrhea for 4 month with metabolic changes and thought I would die. Nothing helped. Everything I tried only promised recovery at the beginning and then stoped working. Primadophillus worked as a gun to all wrong bacteria in my intestines. I was back to normal in 10 days. This is a life saver.

By Sobol on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Great product. Please send it to Poland.

I am one of many people in my country who have Lyme disease. We need to take good probiotics for a long time and Nature's Way Primadophilus Optima is the best one we heard of. Some of us somehow get it but for many of us it is unavailable because Vitacost do not want to send their products to Poland.

By LymePatient on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

After 32 years

I've suffed from dairy allergy that cause complete and total blockage of my nasal passage along with mucus and runny nose. I had my ear lanced and drained at the age of 6 months because of this and have suffer the consequnces every time I tried anything with cheese, milk or even whey. I came to find out by accident that my real issue was having the correct flora and fauna living in my digestive system. I've now been taking the optima for 3 months and I can have dairy products with zero consequnces, it is so fantastic after 32 years of suffering. My father had the same issue and after 54 years of dealing with this dairy allergy has zero issue also.

By Clearush on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009

Good anti-viral help.

Yes,the latest 'trendy' herbal, but it really DOES seem to cut down on timespent feeling utterly yukky with whatever virus caught you. I use thesyrup for myself, and this drop form for my pets. Helps most with sorethroats, but helpful for all viruses.

By DancesWithHerbs on Vitacost - Aug 13, 2009