Nature's Way Alive Pea Protein Ultra-Shake Vanilla 34 oz

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Alive! Ultra-Shake Pea Protein is the most complete daily energy supplement shake. It's also a comprehensive, whole food multi-vitamin with the added benefit of pea protein. Each serving contains more invigorating nutrients from more natural sources than any other supplement.Delicious powdered shake mix version of the Alive! *mega nutrient* formula found in tablets and capsulesComplete protein with 18 amino acidsVegetarian, non-dairy alternative to whey and soy proteinBetter digested with less allergen potential than whey or soy proteinNaturally filling to lessen appetiteMore fiber and less carbs than other whole food energy shakesEasy to mix, no blender required; just add water, juice or milkQuickly absorbedOnce daily potency

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Product Type: Nutrition Drinks & Shakes

supplements size: 34 oz

formulas: ultra-shake vanilla

medicine type: Drinks & Shakes


Product Title: Nature's Way Alive Pea Protein Ultra-Shake Vanilla 34 oz

Manufacturer: Nature's Way

Lowest Price: $22.99 from All Star Health

Power Score: 4.2 | 45 Reviews

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Product Reviews (10)

Taste is disgusting

I wanted to try this product. Reading the ingredients list I thought that it would be a good product for me. But I got it and the taste is HORRIBLE! I am not a difficult person but I couldn't swallow it. Then I had the hardest time trying to deal with Vitacost to return it. The first time that I called I was told that I was already out of the 30 days policy return and that wasn't true. I realized...
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By Kpax64 on Vitacost - Apr 25, 2013

Has a lot of great ingredients.

I mix this product into a fruit smoothie about 4 times a week. Taste fine to me. I feel it has the best assortment of ingredients of any other product for the best price. I also like the vegitarian protien.

By sierragirl on Vitacost - Apr 5, 2013

Mixes easy in my blender

I add fresh or frozen fruit, about one cup + a banana, one cup of water & two cups of ice with two scoops of Alive, blend it for my husband & I to have every morning. Very filling, like having fresh ice cream everyday instead of taking vitamins :))

By seventytwo on Vitacost - Mar 30, 2013

sorry, I can't stomach this

Honestly, this was the worst tasting protein supplement shake I have ever tasted. I even mixed it lighter than the directions called for. The taste is terrible.....they try to mask the vitaminy flavor with the vanilla but do not succeed. Lost my receipt so into the compost it went. Had it three times in one week.... even tried adding some frozen fruit to luck. do not waste your money.

By watercheeks on Vitacost - Mar 3, 2013

Great stuff

I use this as I don't get enough nutrition, I have Fibromyalgia/M.E. and need lots in my diet and taking supplements via mouth doesn't always work as well with this disease as a lot of the nutrients just get wasted. With a drink mix I'm more ensured my body will make good use of the Alive nutrients. Also some of the medication I take makes me not very hungry this is truly something I need to stay...
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By jennysweeth on Vitacost - Feb 26, 2013

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