Living Essentials 5-Hour Energy Orange -- 12 Bottles

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Hours of Energy Now - No Crash Later Sugar Free Only 4 Calories Feel it in Minutes - Lasts for HoursB-Vitamins - Amino Acids - Zero Sugar

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formulas: 5 hours energy

Color: Orange


Product Title: Living Essentials 5-Hour Energy Orange -- 12 Bottles

Manufacturer: Living Essentials

Lowest Price: $25.50 from iHerb

Power Score: 3.2 | 6 Reviews

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These absolutely do their job. While they do make me a little shaky, I am totally in love with how much energy they give me.

By Dooby on Vitacost - Aug 23, 2012

Great energy boost

I love this product, use it often throughout the week. I don't drink a whole bottle at once, but just sip it when I start feeling sleepy or unmotivated at work. 5hr energy keeps me alert and focused, even when I haven't been getting much sleep.

By MaxPowers on Vitacost - Oct 26, 2011

Unhealthy Energy Alternative

Strengths: Decent taste.

Weakness: Produces jitters and crash through delivering an unhealthy dose of ingredients.

The bottle says no jitters and no crash. My experience has been the opposite... I felt wired and when it wore off I was miserable. After reading the first article on this blog, I now see why. This products contains unhealthy levels of ingredients that could harm you. Note there are 2 servings in each shot... so you need to DOUBLE the amount contained per serving. Bottom line, I do not recommend...
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By Angie_S1969 - Apr 16, 2009

Never, Ever Again

Strengths: Gives you a boost Lasts for hours

Weakness: Tastes awful Caused jitters Caused heart palpitations Huge crash later

I bought some 5-hour energy to try before a long marathon training run. I drank one whole bottle with some water, because I found the citrus taste pretty unpleasant, frankly. While it certainly gave me a boost, it also made me feel like I was completely out of control-- as if I were having an allergic reaction, or as if I'd taken some illegal drug (not that I would know). I sweated, I had...
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By mrsrower - Jan 13, 2009

my review

Strengths: read the comments

Weakness: read the comments

I'm a personal trainer as well as a student at GA Tech research institute. I've looked into all the active and inactive ingredients in this product, and did some research after taking Extra Strength 5-Hour Energy for the first time about an hour ago. I'm pretty wired; I would compare the effects to drinking an espresso coffee drink. *** Pros *** Won't make you fat. Seems cheap, easy, and a...
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By mmccarty33 - Nov 18, 2008

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