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SERIOUS WEIGH LOSS RESULTS - ISN"T THAT WHAT REALLY MATTERS? Well How Do You Achieve That? Read On... This product is designed to get 1 thing SERIOUS WEIGHT LOSS RESULTS. Our 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia extract contains 60% HCA (STANDARDIZED) for PROVEN weight loss results. (STANDARDIZED) Is The Main Term You Want To Look For When Reading The Ingredients. Other vendors are offering Up To 60% HCA or Up To 75% HCA & What This Means Is They DO NOT Have 60% Or 75% HCA (The Ingredient That Makes This Product Work) But They Just Have A Sprinkle Of HCA Added To Make Them Be Able To Say - UP TO 75%. BUYER BEWARE - IF A PRODUCT DOESN'T SAY "STANDARDIZED" For It's HCA % THEN IT DOES NOT CONTAIN THE Stated HCA % LIKE OURS DOES Many companies tell you that Garcinia containing CALCIUM and CHROMIUM render the product useless. Well we need say...Calcium and chromium are naturally occurring in Garcinia Cambogia. Anyone telling you otherwise, doesn't understand their own product. Born In The Lab - We researched EVERY aspect of what makes this product work and what makes it NOT work. Here is our formula that has been REAL WORLD & LAB PROVEN to work: - 60% HCA (Standardized) - Means You Actually Get 60% HCA Not Just "Up To" Like Most- 1,300mg Daily Dose (2,600mg PER DAY MAX EXTREME WEIGHT LOSS DOSE)- Potassium for added absorption (And yes, NATURALLY OCURRING Calcium & Chromium Unmatched 30 day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Try it now by clicking the order button on the top right of this page & START LOSING WEIGHT RISK FREE!


Product Title: Imagine Garcinia Cambogia Extract Pure 1500mg Max

Manufacturer: Imagine

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