Herbal Authority Milk Thistle Liquid Extract 500 mg-1 fl oz Liquid


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Milk Thistle is derived from a purple flower that you may see growing in the wild. It has been used in Greek health practices for thousands of years.This bottle contains 100% pure cold processed Extract made from the finest selected herbs obtainable, in a base of pure vegetable glycerin. It is highly concentrated and gives you more herb power for your money!No animal testing, no animal ingredients.These herbs are extracted using alcohol and water or other natural menstruums to capture active constituents. All alcohol is then removed

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supplements size: 1 oz

medicine type: liquid


Product Title: Herbal Authority Milk Thistle Liquid Extract 500 mg-1 fl oz Liquid

Manufacturer: Herbal Authority

Lowest Price: $6.59 from Puritans Pride

Power Score: 4.3 | 3 Reviews

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Milk Thistle Liquid Extraact

This product seems to work fine, and is okay, it just tastes pretty bad. If I mix it with strong juice, and lots of ice, it masks the taste. I still feel like the results are of a good quality, but will next time stick with the capsules.

By Mistle on Puritans Pride - Apr 1, 2013

Buyers outside the USA beware of extra costs.

Nothing wrong with the product itself. I have been using it for years and find it the most effective preparation available. BUT I ordered from the UK as it is no longer available there. The courier used by Puritan's Pride employ a company to inspect imports for possible duty for which they charge a handsome fee. There was no duty or customs fee due on this product but they still charged a lot to...
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By ladyrider2964 on Puritans Pride - Feb 12, 2013

A fabulous multi-use product.

Had some trouble with my LFT's and my Naturopath recommended increasing my dose of this. It worked! The liquid form is more preferable to me as I have trouble swallowing capsules and pills. Can't beat the price! Always a deal.

By makani on Puritans Pride - Jan 17, 2013

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