Chaser /Living Essentials 5-Hour Energy Berry-12 Liquid

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Hours of energy now - no crash laterSugar FreeOnly 4 CaloriesWe are proud to bring you 5-Hour Energy Berry from Chaser. Look to Puritans Pride for high-quality products and great nutrition at the best possible prices.

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formulas: 5 hours energy

medicine type: liquid


Product Title: Chaser /Living Essentials 5-Hour Energy Berry-12 Liquid

Manufacturer: Chaser

Power Score: 5 | 2 Reviews

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Great pick up without the crash

This is the first product that works since they took ephedra off the market that gives you the needed energy to get you through long hours at work, and what a great workout you get without giving you any jitters. It takes effect almost instant and lasts for hours. Love it!

By Sixpackbabe on Puritans Pride - Jun 11, 2012

Gives me the alertness I need working bazaar shifts!

I drive an 18 wheeler and my "day" could be 9am-5pm or 11pm-9am. This really gives me the boost I need when I am forced to work odd hours and doesn't give me that instant crash other energy products do!

By truckinwomyn on Puritans Pride - Apr 21, 2012

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