Puritan's Pride Chewable Soy Protein 640 mg-100 Tablets


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and,SOY Vegetable Protein 80% Protein Tablets are an excellent food supplement, providing a balance of the essential amino acids in a digestible tablet form.

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sports nutrition formula: Soy Protein, protein

supplements size: 100 tablets


Product Title: Puritan's Pride Chewable Soy Protein 640 mg-100 Tablets

Manufacturer: Puritan's Pride

Lowest Price: $4.79 from Puritans Pride

Power Score: 3.0 | 3 Reviews

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I like the value for protein and the crunchy feel

There used to be a size of 500 to a bottle. I wish that were still available. I suck on it for a minute or less to make it softer and then chew it. I like the crunchy feel and after sucking on it.

By lovepuritan on Puritans Pride - Oct 2, 2013

This product has much room for improvement.

I totally agree with Prosperity's opinion of this product. The only reason I order it is that I need to keep protein in my system between meals for health reasons and it is convenient to carry in my purse. There are other brands that are tasty and easy to chew but I remain faithful to Puritan because of its good service and affordability.

By Moochie on Puritans Pride - Nov 23, 2012

Soy Protein Tablets

Chewable Soy Protein where not chewable. I did not like them at all, very nasty and seem to be stale. (crunchy not chewy).

By Prosperity on Puritans Pride - Nov 4, 2012

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