Olympian Labs CLA -- 3000 mg - 210 Softgels

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CLA may inhibit fat storage by enhancing the ability of cell membranes (other than fat cells) to open up and allow a healthy absorption of fats and other nutrients. CLA may also promote the growth of healthy muscles by allowing nutrients into active muscle cells.

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supplements size: 210 gels

formulas: cla

sports nutrition formula: protein


Product Title: Olympian Labs CLA -- 3000 mg - 210 Softgels

Manufacturer: Olympian Labs

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Power Score: 4.6 | 7 Reviews

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Olympian Labs CLA

I feel that cla made me lose weight

By omernis on Vitacost - Apr 11, 2013

so far really satisfied

been using this product for about 30 days i work out at least 4 days a week CLA has curbed my appetite, result i am becoming leaner, and showing more muscle definition

By horse1 on Vitacost - Feb 26, 2013

Olympian Labs CLA -- 1 g - 210 Softgels

Nice value and packaging, but this product did not do anything for me. I have decided to try the CLA with tonalin to see if I get any results.

By Lee123 on Vitacost - Feb 2, 2011

I'll never go without it!

I had run out of CLA and never realized how important this nutrient is to my body. I was slowly beginning to drag and started drinking more coffee until my new bottle arrived. Within a day I felt much more energy! I am borderline diabetic and my thyroid tends to be a bit sluggish. This product is the boost I need and I will never go without it!

By GreenGirl2 on Vitacost - Mar 8, 2010


Great product. Especially like the large bottle.

By malibunana on Vitacost - Feb 20, 2010

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