Doctor's Best Sustained Plus Immediate Release L-Arginine 500 mg 120 Bilayer Tablets

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formulas: l-arginine 500mg

supplements size: 120 tablets

sports nutrition formula: amino acid


Product Title: Doctor's Best Sustained Plus Immediate Release L-Arginine 500 mg 120 Bilayer Tablets

Manufacturer: Doctor's Best

Lowest Price: $15.19 from PureFormulas

Power Score: 4.3 | 6 Reviews

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Product Reviews (6)

Best Time Released L-Arginine I've Found

I was happy to find that this has both immediate release and time released components and I only have to take two at a time (I was taking 3 with another brand) twice a day. I was able to reduce my prescription HBP drug dosage by half by taking it. I'm happy.

By Prediabetic on Vitacost - Mar 18, 2012


Very effective product. Improves circulation and brought my blood pressure down.

By DMaxwell on Vitacost - Dec 2, 2011

Great recovery tool

I take this with 2 or 3g curcumin after streneous activities that would otherwise have me painfully sore for days. I'm good to go after 8 hours of sleep!

By JPinKT on Vitacost - May 12, 2011

A hard pill to swallow

Firstly, these pills are VERY hard to swallow, they're large but not huge, it's their rough surface that is the problem.Secondly, they don't seem to do anything! When i take arginine i notice a benefit within a few hours.With these there's no noticable benefit.I don't recommend these.

By Syborg on Vitacost - Nov 21, 2010

Take Pine Tree Bark & L-Arginine together

L-Arginine does not actively stay in the body for more than a couple of hours... so I feel the sustained is the best way to go to increase nitric oxide in the body. I also take Pine Tree Bark Caps with L-Arginine to work synergistically in support of healthy blood vessels, improve glucose metabolism, boost insulin sensitivity, and reduce overall cholesterol levels.

By joejam on Vitacost - Oct 2, 2010

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