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15.9Oz Svelte - Chocolate. About CalNaturale. We re a third generation family business with roots in farming and located in Northern California. Our goal is to improve health and wellness with the best-tasting most nourishing foods possible. By combining the finest all-natural ingredients we create drinks that are nutritious and delicious. We hope you love them. Try all the flavors! Here s why Svelete is special. Made with organic soy milk spices and inulin. 16 g protein. Complex carbohydrates for sustained Energy. Only 9 g sugar. 20% daily value of fiber. Dairy-free; lactose-free. Cholesterol-free; gluten-free. Naturally sweetened with stevia. Inulin is a naturally occurring complex carbohydrate found in plants. A prebiotic and source of fiber inulin also helps your body absorb Calcium and Magnesium and aids in digestion. Sustained energy comes naturally. Svelte is made with organic soy milk and has 16g of natural protein. To this we add complex carbohydrates including rice syrup solids and inulin which metabolize over a longer period than simple sugars. Svelte helps keep you going during your busy day and provides important nutrients. Directions:. Shake well. Refrigerate after opening. Store upright. Warnings:. Contains Soy ingredients.


Product Title: Cal Home Spa Calnaturale 6570001 15.9Oz Svelte - Chocolate

Manufacturer: Cal Home Spa

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