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Very good shaver

Strengths: very good for the price the best price/performance has rechargable bateries

Weakness: charger is a little too big and heavy for travelers.

comes with a little bag to carry while on trips, the charger is a little too big, but it's better than buying batteries. Moving blades are very nice and help to shave nicely. I was used to circular blades, so this is a change in paradigmes :-) but is working fine!

By thomashanser - Jun 19, 2007

Clean cut kid

Strengths: I have been using Panasonic shavers since 1988 and they have redefined the wet/dry shaver. I use mine in the shower with just bar soap as shaving foam, it glides smooth as silk. TRY IT !!!

Weakness: None, for this model. The prior model had the LCD for battery function and that was sent out for repair after 4 months of use. Stay low tech, with-out all the read outs.

I will continue to buy the Panasonic shavers with the linear motor, due to the awesome shave I get. I really like the newer cutting heads at the 30 degree angle, as it does a better job at removing facial hair below the skin surface. I have course facial hair and I normally get stubble after 4pm, today I used the newer angle cutting heads and at 6:15pm , NO STUBBLE.

Thanks a million,
Ronald Miller

By MillerTymeLLC - Jun 13, 2008

Very good shaver for the money

Strengths: Triple blade, web and dry, slim design

Weakness: Charger is not universal

This is a very nice shaver. It has triple blades, and can be used in a shower wet. It shaves nice and smooth. It's very easy to clean, since it's wet and dry. The only thing that I am not thrilled about it is that the charger won't take 240 volt, making it very hard to use in some other countries. Overall, this is a very nice shaver.

By jbhongw - Dec 31, 2007

Good shaver for the money

Strengths: 1. Rechargable battery 2. good for both wet and dry 3. Shaving close to face enough due to triple blades 4. fashionable design

Weakness: Charger is only for 110v, so not recommend for international travel (many countries have 220v).

At first I wanna buy this shaver for my father in China. After realizing charger for this shaver is only for 110v, I decided to use it myself. It is a great shaver, if you consider the price/performance ratio. Triple blades make the shaver job more easier and this shaver is good for both wet and dry shaves.

By billchendz - Dec 28, 2007

Panasonic ES7035SC Shaver Review

Strengths: Excellent Razor; durable

Weakness: nothing that bad

This is a very nice electric shaver. It has triple blades, which for me makes it very good for wet shaves. The shaver has given me a nice, smooth shave since I started using it. My only minor complaint is the power supply/AC charger. It's quite bulky - so bulky that it and the shaver won't fit in the included traveling case/bag together at the same time. Other than that minor annoyance, this is a very good product.

By Iceberg3 - Oct 30, 2007

Panasonic ES7035SC Triple Blade Shaver

Strengths: Good, Solid Shaver at a bargain price

Weakness: none so far!

I picked up this Panasonic shaver as it was a steal at under $20. I had been using more brand name shavers like Norelco for my entire life, so was a bit hesitant to try this out. However, I am glad I did as it's a very good shaver. It takes 1 hour to charge, which isn't too bad, and it's also good in both wet and dry conditions. I especially liked the low battery indicator as my prior few razors lacked that feature.

If you're in the market for an excellent shaver at a somewhat inexpensive price, I would recommend purchasing this shaver.

By darkrot5 - Oct 20, 2007

A good wet and dry shaver

Strengths: Wet and dry both, sleek design, easy to hold and use, inexpensive

Weakness: Does not release shaving gel

This shaver rocks. I have been using wet electric shavers for five years now and have been Norelco fan. I picked up this shaver because of the price. But to my surprise, it is as good as my other razors that are four to five times as expensive as this is.
The box came with a sleek shaver, a cloth pouch and a charging cord. It takes around an hour to charge it fully.
The shaver is very easy to hold because of its design. The inbuilt shock absorbers prevent any cuts and bruises and shaves really smooth.
The only thing that I miss in this shaver is the inbuilt gel releasing system that I use while traveling.
I love this shaver and would recommend it to anyone.

By skalra - Oct 14, 2007