Norelco 1150x Sensotouch Cordless Electric Shaver

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Product Title: Norelco 1150x Sensotouch Cordless Electric Shaver

Manufacturer: Norelco

Lowest Price: $89.95 from FactoryOutletStore

Power Score: 4.5 | 2 Reviews

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Philips SensoTouch 1150X

The Philips SensoTouch 1150X is an electric shaver that uses a GyroFlex 2D system that curves to the user’s face, meaning it can better slice through really short stubble. Designed for a close shave with minimal pressure and irritation, the 1150X uses a DualPrecision system with dual blades that have slots to shave normal hair, and holes to shave short stubble. Note also that the SensoTouch...
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By - Aug 28, 2011

Best Rechargeable Shaver

Bestcovery experts have rated the Norelco 1150x/40 SensoTouch Floating Head Shaver as a best pick for the Best Rechargeable Shaver. Bestcovery's experts recommend the best products and services for a particular need based on extensive research and evaluations. Click below to see Bestcovery's full review of this product.
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By - May 11, 2011

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