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Excellent Razor - Have always loved Braun Products

Strengths: It is Braun, and normally that means it lasts and lasts.

Weakness: After 5 months of daily use it performed so well but the switch on ALL Braun Flx shavers was changed post 5550

I owned the 5550, and I had it for years. I loved it. I have sensitive skin, and razors, no matter how much I spend on them will chew up my skin, especially around the neck area. My first was a 5550. It worked great for years and alas it died. That is when I very carefully picked my Braun 7526. I considered the cost of solutions. I manage it by only giving it a good cleaning once a week which reduces evaporation. When done shaving Mon-Sat I remove the foil, remove most of the rubble by tapping it in the sing and replace it. Charge lasts entire week without another charge. I then shave Sunday, and do a clean and charge. Worked great, and I liked the idea of saving on the solution. However a net effect I did not count on was the winter, when it is "cold/Flu" season. When I would get a cold, I realized that you can not do under your nose without getting cold bacteria on the foil. So when I have a cold, I clean it every time to avoid re-infecting myself.

However, after 6 months of daily use, the cheap plastic switch mechanism jammed and it stayed on until it died.
It has a 2 year warranty, but I can't find the receipt.
Honestly, I would have never thought I would need it.
5 years our of my 5550, who knew it would go in 6 months.
Stuck in the on position, I looked at replacing it. But all the Braun models have that same multi-function, slider, cheap plastic switch mechanism that jammed.

I am an engineer by trade. There is a reason large network switches that cost big $$$ do not have an on/off switch.
Here you are buying a $500,000 router/switch and it does not have a on/off switch??? Redundant power supplies, you name it but no power switch? Mean TIme before failure of the switch is over 30 years. However the switch is mechanical, and would have a Mean Time before failure of 3 years. If they add the switch, the Mean time before failure of your half a million dollar switch is 3 years, not 30.

Well same here. Mean Time before failure of Braun shavers is quoted high, and they were accurate. However since switching to the new cheap plastic multi-switches, I would suspect their ratings will fall in Consumers Reports.
If you go to look to buy a 7526 now you will find the system new, and Factory Refurb. If they are selling that many factory refurb. units, that tells me they had a lot of defective units. I am a member of Consumers Union, fill out multiple product assessments for them, and I specifically sent this information in to Consumer Reports. (If you are a subscriber for $9 more a year, you can get access to all reviews on-line, and it is great. You can see the latest reviews of most of the razors out there.

I now need a new razor. Ironically I am so inclined to buy another Braun, but if I do, it will have to have a different on/off mechanism. The 5550 had a similar mechanism, but it was much tighter, quality feel, and it didn't fail. However, it appears ALL braun models have this system. It also appears my unit is stamped as "Made in Germany", so it is no knock-off. Sadly it looks like for my new razor I will be looking to "japan", not Germany for a quality unit with a quality switch. Panasonic.
I would have never thought I would be walking away from Braun.

Great shave & product. They need to put a few $$ more in to the multi-function switch.

By defilm - Apr 15, 2006

I have used the Braun 7526 for...

Strengths: Provides a very close shave on the neck

Weakness: Noise of cleaning unit

I have used the Braun 7526 for approximately a week and have been pleased with it's performance in certain regards. It does an admirable job of providing a close shave on the neck where almost every other shaver I have owned has struggled. It however, has not provided as close a shave on my face as I was expecting, and I am cautiously disappointed at this point with my first Braun shaver. I will try it for a few more weeks as Braun suggests in the hope that its' performance will improve.

By loisandjoel - Dec 8, 2004

7526 Braun Syncro Is Great

Strengths: 3 Week Charge; Clean system; Closest Electric shave in the business; made by the powerhouse Gillette

Weakness: Cost, replacement cleaning cartridges, cleaning arm may break as reported elsewhere

Finally my old Remington 4000 electric shaver died after 12 years and I bought one of their new ones which did not shave me worth a darn - man that was disappointing. So I was in a dilemma on what to do - I had tried a rotary shaver years ago and they simply did not work for me for some reason.

I then bought this Braun since it had a great 30 day money back warranty and a great 2 year warranty ... so, how could I go wrong!

After using the shaver for a month I love it ... yes, the cleaning arm can break and the newer and more expensive 8585 model does not have this problem ... but, if you are careful with it then it should last for years.

To counter the cleaning cartridge cost of one every 30 days or $60 per year, I have only used the cleaning system when I need to recharge. That is about one cleaning every 3 weeks and daily I lift the screen with the latch release and turn on the unit to clean it. That way I should use only 2 cartridges per year or $10 per year ... just make sure that you save the cartridge plug so you can seal the cartridge after use so it will not evaporate. You can buy these cartridges at WalMart or Target. Some people refill theirs with rubbing alcohol but I have not tried that and like the lemon scent and the lubrication of the factory cartridge.

I tried my brother's 8585 for a week and can not tell the difference between this 7526 and the model with the pricier head. As far as I can tell, the only difference in the two models is the cleaning unit is better designed for the 8585 and the screen has a different design for the 8585 and costs $10 bucks more - I can get a new screen for the 7525 for $19 and $28.95 for the 8585. If I was going to use that noisy cleaner unit daily, then I would pay $30 bucks more and get the 8585 model since it may last longer than having that fragile arm of the 7526.

Try it - if you do not like it -- return it to Gillette post paid and insured and they will refund your purchase price. How can you go wrong?

Hope this helps ... I love either the 7526 or the 8585 and for the money I will take the 7526.


By drgold2000 - Jan 14, 2006

Braun Synco System Razor

Strengths: None

Weakness: Holder for the cleaning of the razor broke. Also the on/off botton on the razor broke, Very dissatisfied with it.

The container that holds the razor, the part that you put downon top of the razor broke within a year of owning it. Had to oder that part then later found out that the botton on the razor its self broke. Could never clean the razor in is container beacause the little handle that goes down over the razor never worked,once it broke. vERY DISATIFIED WITH THE PRODUCT.

By dianehays - Nov 24, 2005

so far so good. Shaver works fine...

Strengths: everyhting works well, durable i guess.

Weakness: cleaning liquid has a short life, and not that cheap

so far so good. Shaver works fine for me all the time, the battery is long lasting and I have not encounter any problems. My only only concern would be that the cleaning liquid does not last that long and it is not that cheap...

By soedayu - Nov 17, 2004

First of all, I have owned Braun...

Strengths: Well-made; Holds charge well; Cleaning system keeps shaver very clean.

Weakness: Doesn't get all of the [fine] hairs; Some cuttings bounce off of the cutters instead of into the screen, creating a "dandruff" effect; Cleaning solution is pretty pricey for what it is.

First of all, I have owned Braun shavers last was a 5614, which cost less and shaved as well as the 7526 does.
Three things differentiate the 7526 from the 5614:
1) The head appears to be made of better material.
2) It holds a charge longer/better...more power.
3) The cleaning system.
The 7526 shaves very well, but it leaves some stray fine hair that grows parallel to the skin uncut. It also has a tendency to let some of the shavings shoot out, off of the screen, causing a dusting of my shirt or shoulders...I can't really shave on the go, and must use it where I can clean off after. My beard and scalp hair [I shave both with equal results] are very fine, so people with different hair may have other results. It is nicer to my skin than a blade is, though, and shaves well enough that I prefer it over a blade.
The cleaning system is novel and works fairly only concern with it is the cost: approx $5/cartridge, and it's just a few ounces of alcohol with some scent and a touch of oil. I guess one can save by not cleaning the shave head so frequently.
So, overall, I rate the 7526 a "buy"...the strengths far outweigh the weaknesses, and the bottom line is I get up in the morning preferring the Braun to my blade, which I will still use for those stray hairs.

By peterpeach - Jul 16, 2004

This is the best dry shaver I ever...

Strengths: Grabs all the hairs, trims sides nicely, leaves a silky, velvety feeling. My skin doesn't break out anymore, since I stopped using wet shaving.

Weakness: Costly, but worth it. Solution and replacements are a bit costly. Does not grab tiny hairs under the chin.

This is the best dry shaver I ever used. I used 3-way-head Norelco and some other shaver before. This one definitely beats all of them. Braun 7526 does a great job shaving facial hair, w/o cutting, damaging your skin. I don't have to stretch my skin and shave the same spot over and over to get all hairs. I definitely would recommend buying this model. I think it was worth money spent, and it is a great gift idea for any male. I completely stopped using wet shavers, and it seems like it took years of aging off my face.

By bibochka - Aug 16, 2004

This is my second Braun product. I...

Strengths: Cleaning system works excellent, close shave, light, very good battery life.

Weakness: A little noisy but it's not unbearable. Pricey but worth it.

This is my second Braun product. I decided to buy Braun 7526 because of the self-cleaning unit. So far it cleans the razors great. I have a tough beard but Braun 7526 managed to cut my beard easily and comfortably. I am having a little difficulty when shaving under my chin but need to admit that it's still the best product I had tried. It definitely beats out all the Remingtons and Norelcos that I have tried but have succumbed to the toughness of my beard (which was inherited from my Turkish prison guard father). If it can shave my hairy and thick Turkish beard it can easily shave your puny and weak American beard.

By barisazi - Dec 14, 2004

Shaver looks GREAT

Strengths: Cleaning system, good charge.

Weakness: Have to spend money buying the cleaning solution

Shaver is good....shaves good. Cleaning system idea helps keep it clean for lazy people such as me. But cost of solution kills the idea. Overrall a good very shaver.

By izzmo7998 - Mar 10, 2006

I have used Eltron Shavers for...

Strengths: High Quality, Preformance, Availability of Parts & Supplies

Weakness: Cost, although reasonable for such a nice shaver.

I have used Eltron Shavers for Years, unfortunatly the company and parts are all but gone. I tried a Remmington Intercept for two years and it was OK, but now it is difficult to find new parts. This new Braun seems equal or better then my Eltron. The features and preformance are outstanding and I plan to use it a long time.

By slandis - Jun 7, 2004

Beard type importance

Strengths: Extra long charge life

Weakness: Closeness of shave, quality of cleaner device and cost of supplies

I've always had panasonic and brAun shavers over the year both with luck. I have coarse dark facial hair that is sometime hard to get close. This particular shaver head has proven especially hard to deal with my type of hair. It won't get close it takes forever to get as close as it does. On top of that to get close the shaver head likes to tear my face up a little more the normal. I've had the unit for about two years now. I've had to go back to my old panasonic a couple times to give my face a break. To give the brAun a fair chance I've purchase new heads just in case the originals were somehow faulty. This really didn't help. I have friends that have this same unit with fair hair that have great success with the shaver, it might be a design issue for coarseness of hair.

By darkhair - Mar 16, 2007

This was a Christmas gift for my...

Strengths: very clean shave!

Weakness: none

This was a Christmas gift for my dad. He usually does not electric shavers. Now he only will use this one. This unit was made in Germany and the cartrige in Ireland (not that it really matters).

By gloriajk - Dec 30, 2004

This is THE BEST SHAVER I've ever...

Strengths: Close, PAIN-FREE shave; durable battery, ergonomic design, solid craftsmanship, quick working cleaning base

Weakness: The flat sideburn trimmer on the back isn't of the same quality as the rest of the shaver. Functionally it's inadequate.

This is THE BEST SHAVER I've ever used. Having a lot of facial hair, the discomfort of shaving is usually the last part of my morning routine that I look forward to. This shaver however provides a close shave (smooth against the grain as well) without the skin-scraping pain of a traditional blade or the hair-plucking futility of other electric razors.

Being a road warrior, the battery typically lasts for 5-6 shaves easily, and the travel case is efficiently compact enough. Additionally, the cleaning base was of secondary priority when I made my purchase to the functional need of the razor, however the base works so well, and so quickly, that maintenance of the razor has become hassle free.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (despite the inflated price)

By aibrooding - Jan 31, 2004

Braun 7526

Strengths: Design, quietness.

Weakness: PRICE

I tried electric shavers many years ago and gave up because I didn't like the burning sensation on my face after a shave. After using my father-in-laws Braun shaver I decide to bite the bullet and buy one. I am very happy with the results.

The 'feel' of the shaver is very good. It shaves without 'razor burn' that is common in many shavers. I have a 'soft' face and facial hair so this is very important to me.

I would recommend the shaver to anyone. The 'Clean and Renew' system is not necessary. The shaver can be cleaned easily without it. It does however provide a 'stand' to put the shaver in while charging. The alcohol 'bath' it provides is great but you would have to clean it EVERY TIME you shaved in order for it to be 100 % effective.

By kcole - Jul 5, 2008

Braun Electric Razor

Strengths: close shave, no irritation, cleans and operates easily

Weakness: none

this recent purchase was a replacement of the same make and model from about seven years ago. unbelievably close shave with little to no irritation. i couldn't believe how far electric razors have come. the cleaning/charging dock is amazing. for anyone who has to shave daily, or anyone who has sensitive skin, this razor is the answer.

By Michael1969 - Jun 9, 2008

Excellent Shaver

Strengths: Very close shave Self cleaning

Weakness: Mine stopped working after one week.

I bought this shaver on clearance at at very attractive price. I have always used razors due to the fact you get a really close shave, but it does end up irritating my skin. So, I decided to take the plunge with this electric shaver. Nice close shave with very little irritation.

Unfortunately, mine stopped working after only one week.

By cavalry12 - Dec 15, 2007

Braun 7526 Shaver

Strengths: Very nice to be able to shave quickly. Cleaning system is also very nice. This make maintenance very simple. Nice travel pouch as well.

Weakness: Not as close of a shave as a razer.

I believe that the instructions mentioned that it could take 3 weeks for your face to adjust so that you get the best shave possible with this. I have been using it for months and although it did get better from the initial shave, it still is not as good as a razer.
The travel pouch it comes with is very nice because you can toss in just the charger cable. No need to bring the whole cleaning base to charge when traveling.

By RuffRyder1672 - Nov 27, 2006

Braun 7526 Shaver

Strengths: Typical Braun quality, good charge.

Weakness: Replacement cleaning cartridges.

Not sure if the benefits offset the cost of the cleaning cartidges. This one is going to be passed onto someone, and I'm going to stick with the 7505. The pivoting head adjusts to the countour of the chin, or can be locked to work like a standard razor.

By ProductTester - Sep 26, 2006

easy to use shaver system

Strengths: easy, long time use after one charge

Weakness: none so far

Bought this shaver system for daily personal usage. Very easy to use. Just shave and clean. I have run out of clean fluid now. Need buy some, not expensive. The best thing I love this stuff is it has long runing time. After one charge, you can use for like 1 month. So you won't take charge when you out of town for business. That is very convinent.

By leopardli - Sep 3, 2006

Doesn't get close--especially on the neck

Strengths: Speeds up the process, especially for the face

Weakness: Doesn't get close around the neck (sometimes it doesn't cut hard to reach hairs it all, even after going over them many times in every possible direction.)

While the razor does speed up the process of shaving, it does not cut the hairs on my neck very well at all. You basically have to have a flat surface, like a cheek, for it to be effective. However, my friend and I bought these together. I have thick facial hair, and he has very thin. For him, it works perfectly, although he says that he still prefers the feel of a rotary style electric razor. However, I only paid $5 for this razor after rebates (an incredible deal for a razor that retails at $100!) so I'm not complaining. I'd pay that alone for the sideburn shaving feature, which, is in fact what I'll probably be using it for mostly.

By Tremortime - Jun 4, 2006

Braun syncro 7526 system

Strengths: great shaver, great cleaning system

Weakness: not expensive first time around, but refill will add up

I have received this shaver new in box and used it. As is for other Braun product, this is a very nice system. The only thing I worry about, and will probably be true, is that the refill for the cleaning system will soon be much more expensive than the shaver itself!
Otherwise highly recommeneded.

By cowfunone - May 24, 2006

Very dissatisfied...

Weakness: The plastic cleaning unit sucks...

I have used this product for a year, and I did not use the cleaning unit that often. Anyways, I bought 2 cleaning solution for my Braun, and when I tried to put the elec. shaver into the unit, the little handle that 'clicks' on the shaver did not work. It was working before, but not anymore. I dont know what I should do. If I knew it would not work, I would not spend an extra $10 for the cleaning solution. Paid $100 and I dont think it is worth it...

By ilyasyildirim - Apr 23, 2006

I purchased the Braun 7526 after...

Strengths: Automatic cleaning, gentle on skin

Weakness: cleaning cycle is loud, does not have the best grip to hold on to

I purchased the Braun 7526 after using a rotary electric shaver for many years. The braun is a lot more gentle to my face than the rotary, which tended to cause razor burn.

I gave it the ~30 day trial period, and it did improve in shaving quality, however, some whiskers on my neck still don't get cut every time. I have found out if you use a product such as Lectric Shave, or others, the quality of the shave with this shaver goes up exponentially. I used that product with a rotary and it only burned.

Overall, this is a very good shaver, and you can get it for a good price. I say go for it!

By robminderman - Mar 28, 2005

the self-clean system is amazing,...

Strengths: Great quality

Weakness: the cleaning system is loud and expensive

the self-clean system is amazing, though it is a little bid expensive. High quality and performance. easy to use.the cleaning system is loud when it works (though only about 15 mins). You can take the shaver itself when travelling (a travel pouch is provided in the package)I purchased it as a gift for my husband. He really likes it. It works great!@

By cindy0586 - Feb 26, 2005

This shaver is perfect for people...

Strengths: Cleaning system really works. Shaves fairly well, especially on your neck. Recharges quickly.

Weakness: Doesn't shave as close as a blade

This shaver is perfect for people with busy mornings - you can shave faster than with a blade, then pop the shaver into its stand and let it clean itself. The self cleaner, which I originally thought to be very gimmicky, does work quite well. The cleaning process lubricates the head and leaves the shaver with a fresh, slightly lemony scent.

The shave quality is pretty good, though this isn't the best electric I've used. I'd say it's about on par with Norelco's rotary shavers, and maybe a bit behind Pansonic's line. The foil pattern seems to work well on my neck, slightly better than a Norelco rotary. On my face, however, the shave isn't quite as close - it's definately not as close as a blade.

The cleaning cartridges for this shaver cost about $4 a cartridge (in packs of two). Braun claims the refills last for 30 cycles - I've found this to be fairly accurate. You only need to clean this shaver once or twice a week, so the costs of these refills isn't really all that bad. It is possible to refill the cartidges; if you do a search online you can find out how, and save some money.

Overall, a nice shaver, though not the best electric shaver I've used.

By sellmen - Feb 11, 2005

This is an awesome shaver that...

Strengths: Great Shave.

Weakness: None.

This is an awesome shaver that just works flawlessly. It gives a really close shave without nicks & burns. There is a charging/cleaning unit that keeps the shaver ready to go the moment you need it. The cleaning solution has to be replenished but it can be easily cleaned by a brush. Overall excellent shaver. Highly recommended.

By deshwasi - Jan 21, 2005

This was a gift for my husband who...

Strengths: Clean, close shave; time saver over wet shaving; light weight and easy to handle.

Weakness: None noted at this time.

This was a gift for my husband who hadn't used an electric razor since our 1st Christmas together (almost 40 yrs). I gave him one that holiday :) He has used this one daily and is happy with it. My 2 cents - His skin feels smoother, no missed areas, no nicks (as with the wet shave), and the shave seems to last longer.

By beewade - Jan 15, 2005

Pro: 1. Great design 2. it cleans...

Strengths: Great design, cleaning by itself, great battery life.

Weakness: LED keeps blinking, really annoying. Auto battery discharge at bad time. Cartridge expensive.

1. Great design
2. it cleans by itself, save me time.
3. great battery life.

1. LED keeps blinking even after charging and cleaning, very annoying.
2. Automatic battery discharge to preserve battery, but it discharge without telling me. If I remove it from the base when it's discharging, I can't use it next time because the battery has no power.
3. Cartridge is expensive. I just refill it with alcohol.

By bestreviewer - Jan 3, 2005

I purchased it as a gift for my...

Strengths: the self-clean system is really amazing, though it is a little bid expensive. High quality and performance. easy to use.

Weakness: the cleaning system is loud when it works (though only about 15 mins). The whole system is bulky, but you can tak the shaver itself when travelling (a travel pouch is provided in the package)

I purchased it as a gift for my husband. He really likes it. We changed the cleaning cartridge every 7-8 weeks. it is almost a year and it still works very well.

By raise - Nov 12, 2004

this is my second Braun shaver,...

Strengths: fashionable, great performance, just good!!!

Weakness: too pricey

this is my second Braun shaver, it's a great experience, it looks great, and when i start using it, all i have to say is, clean and comfortable! though i have to mention that i am not those kinda of hairy person, so i am not sure about its performance in that condition. anyway, to my opinion, great shaver!

By iamsilvermember - Feb 1, 2004

I have to write another review...

Strengths: Very close shave, cool design.

Weakness: Replacement cleaning cartridge is expensive.

I have to write another review after 2mos. Meanwhile, I am just a little bitter about finding thru that I could have gotten the newer model (supposedly more expensive) at $78 instead. Other than that, I am so far very happy with the shaver. I have been using Braun for at least 10 yrs. The last one I bought was over $100 but this one by far is a better design especially the cleaning feature.

By mliu25 - Jan 28, 2004

My previous shaver was a Norelco...

Strengths: Fast, close shave. Automatic cleaning. Intelligent charging.

Weakness: Shaving debris falls out from foil while shaving.

My previous shaver was a Norelco rotary with Micro Action. The Braun 7526 shaves noticeably closer than the Norelco. The large shaving area of the foil also allows faster shaving. Unfortunately, when the foil is tilted slightly downwards to shave certain areas of the face, the shorn stubble tends to fall out.

The automatic cleaning is convenient. It's probably overkill to clean everyday, so I clean only when the shaver needs to be charged (about once a week). When not cleaning, I remove the cleaning cartridge and replace the cap to prevent evaporation. This helps save on the cost of the cleaning cartridges.

By platyase - Jan 10, 2004

This was my first purchase of a...

Strengths: Close Shave, comfortable on skin, long battery life, charges quickly, self-cleaning

Weakness: loud, instructions were a bit confusing

This was my first purchase of a shaving system. I was a bit confused at first with the instructions. You would need to have all the parts in front of you while reading thru the manual. The shaving head contours to your face, so the shave was extremely comfortable and close. It has a clipper function so you can handle the longer hair. The self cleaning function was great. Just stick it into the cleaning/charge unit and it self cleans and charge the shaver. The shaver also can be charge directly from the cord when traveling and includes a travel case. The only small problem I have, was it was noisy. The cleaning unit turns the shaver on in order to clean so once a while I can hear a buzzing noise coming from the bathroom in the middle of my sleep. Overall, I would recommend this shaver.

By pc0744 - Jan 7, 2004

Bought for my husband for...

Strengths: close shave, easy to use.

Weakness: none yet

Bought for my husband for Christmas and he can't stop talking about the GREAT shave he got. He is telling all his friends to get one for themselves.

By cdelosh - Jan 4, 2004

This shaver is the bomb! I have...



This shaver is the bomb! I have tried other electric shavers in the past, but always to return to my tried and true MANUAL razor blades and shaving oil to shave for that SUPER CLOSE shave. I only like close shaves, that when I feel, feels like a baby's bottom. With the Braun Shaver, I get as close as a manual blade razor with out all the irritation, and messy shaving oil, and razor burn, etc. With the Braun Shaver, I can shave on the go, in the car, on the airplane or whenever. I take it when traveling. I purchased another cheaper shaver for my girlfriend, (panasonic) but it doesnt work nearly as well as my braun. My girlfriend likes to (or I like to) shave her down there with this shaver. Its tickles her and gets a close shave too.

By johnk123 - Dec 10, 2003

The Braun 7526 is a replacement...

Strengths: Follows the contour of my face, get's the hard places well.

Weakness: None that I noticed.

The Braun 7526 is a replacement for my earlier Braun that I finally wore out. Wow, what an improvement. I've always liked Braun shavers because they shave well and they can adapt to International conditions as well. I've taken my braun to Australia, Greece, France, England, New Zealand, and above the Artic Circle in Sweden and Norway! It always functions well, where some of my friends electronic razors have been zapped by the voltage or caught fire or worse!

By smonson - Dec 3, 2003

This has to be the BEST shaver I...

Strengths: Best Shaver Ever

Weakness: none/price...

This has to be the BEST shaver I have EVER used. When my Remington (2nd one of the same model) died after 6 months and wouldn't trim anymore, let alone shave, I decided to pick up a new and better shaver. I never wanted to spend more than $50. After spending $100 in a year I knew I needed to get a better and more DURABLE, QUALITY shaver. The Braun 7526 is that, and MORE. It is clearly the best shaver I have ever used, right out of the box. It shaves better, closer and faster than ANY other electric shaver I have used. I also was able to trim around my ears and sideburns with ease, unlike my previous shavers.
The self cleaning aspect is a very nice addition. It cleans and charges your shaver, ready for your next shave and smells fresh as well. When you put it back in its oversized cradle, which is due to the cleaning solution and charger all in one, you can choose to leave it there for your next shave, just recharge, or recharge and clean. Braun has also thought about those that need to travel. They have included a cleaning brush and leather holder as well. The cord that plugs into the base of the charger/cleaning unit can be unplugged and plugged directly into the shaver itself.
I HIGHLY recommend this shaver to anyone out there. It shaves areas that other shavers wouldn't/couldn't. It does it faster as well. It takes half the time other shavers would, and does a better job at doing it.
What else can I say except this is worth every penny...

By chezman29 - Dec 1, 2003

This is the best shaver I've ever...

Strengths: Clean, close shave; cleans itself; smells good!

Weakness: None

This is the best shaver I've ever had. My last one was a Philishave but it was tugging at my hairs something awful and was very uncomfortable (funny, because the Philishave I had before that one was very comfortable). This Braun shaves much closer, much more quickly, and the self-cleaning system works really well. It comes out of the cleaning unit smelling fresh and clean; it's like always shaving with a brand-new shaver. I love this shaver.

By ooninay - May 24, 2003