Braun 7526 Syncro System Shaver


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Product Title: Braun 7526 Syncro System Shaver

Manufacturer: Braun

Lowest Price: $469.00 from Marketplace

Power Score: 4.2 | 38 Reviews

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Braun 7526

Strengths: Design, quietness.

Weakness: PRICE

I tried electric shavers many years ago and gave up because I didn't like the burning sensation on my face after a shave. After using my father-in-laws Braun shaver I decide to bite the bullet and buy one. I am very happy with the results. The 'feel' of the shaver is very good. It shaves without 'razor burn' that is common in many shavers. I have a 'soft' face and facial hair so this is very...
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By kcole - Jul 5, 2008

Braun Electric Razor

Strengths: close shave, no irritation, cleans and operates easily

Weakness: none

this recent purchase was a replacement of the same make and model from about seven years ago. unbelievably close shave with little to no irritation. i couldn't believe how far electric razors have come. the cleaning/charging dock is amazing. for anyone who has to shave daily, or anyone who has sensitive skin, this razor is the answer.

By Michael1969 - Jun 9, 2008

Excellent Shaver

Strengths: Very close shave Self cleaning

Weakness: Mine stopped working after one week.

I bought this shaver on clearance at at very attractive price. I have always used razors due to the fact you get a really close shave, but it does end up irritating my skin. So, I decided to take the plunge with this electric shaver. Nice close shave with very little irritation.

Unfortunately, mine stopped working after only one week.

By cavalry12 - Dec 15, 2007

Beard type importance

Strengths: Extra long charge life

Weakness: Closeness of shave, quality of cleaner device and cost of supplies

I've always had panasonic and brAun shavers over the year both with luck. I have coarse dark facial hair that is sometime hard to get close. This particular shaver head has proven especially hard to deal with my type of hair. It won't get close it takes forever to get as close as it does. On top of that to get close the shaver head likes to tear my face up a little more the normal. I've had the...
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By darkhair - Mar 16, 2007

Braun 7526 Shaver

Strengths: Very nice to be able to shave quickly. Cleaning system is also very nice. This make maintenance very simple. Nice travel pouch as well.

Weakness: Not as close of a shave as a razer.

I believe that the instructions mentioned that it could take 3 weeks for your face to adjust so that you get the best shave possible with this. I have been using it for months and although it did get better from the initial shave, it still is not as good as a razer. The travel pouch it comes with is very nice because you can toss in just the charger cable. No need to bring the whole cleaning base...
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By RuffRyder1672 - Nov 27, 2006

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