Omron HBF-500 Body Composition Monitor with Scale

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The HBF-500 is an easy-to-use total body monitoring scale which not only calculates visceral fat, but resting metabolism and skeletal muscle mass levels both helpful indicators for consumers to use when determining appropriate calorie intake and exercise levels. It also displays standard values such as body fat percentage, weight and BMI to help users take proactive steps toward better health. The scale uses full-body sensing technology featuring hand grip and foot electrodes to facilitate a highly accurate reading.


Product Title: Omron HBF-500 Body Composition Monitor with Scale

Manufacturer: Omron

Power Score: 4.8 | 6 Reviews

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Nice scale

Strengths: Decent accuracy, body fat measurement includes upper and lower body for higher accuracy.

Weakness: Body fat measurement varies +/- 2% depending on hydration levels and mositure levels in hands and feet.

This scale seems to be pretty accurate. For high accuracy and repeatability you need to put the scale on a hard flat surface and leave it in the same place every time. If you don't you might get up to a 2 lb error if the floor is not firm and level. The body fat measurement seems to vary as much as 3% from day to day but I don't think there's any system that does much better than that. To get the...
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By Tshulthise - Nov 21, 2008

A precise scale with bonus features

Strengths: 1. Scale reading is consistent for consecutive weights regardless of changing locations of the scale. 2. BMI, Body fat measurements are nice features.

Weakness: The scale's range of normal, overweight, etc according to body fat measurements are different from the range that is used in the gym.

I had a scale about the same price before. I noticed that it did not give consistent readings when I weighed myself consecutively one morning. This scale aligned itself correctly, and it gave consistent readings of my weights when I weighed myself consecutively on different surfaces/locations. I am also exercising regularly to lose body fat. The scale helps to measure body fat percentage. The...
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By lhuang2 - Jul 28, 2008

Omron HBF-500

Strengths: Body fat %; Visceral fat measure; Skeletal muscle %

Weakness: No water weight %

The measurements are very accurate and consistent. You can monitor body fat%, visceral fat, skeletal muscle%, and resting metabolism daily. If you're on a weight-losing plan, you can make sure that you burn the fat instead of muscle. The only disadvantage is no water weight % measurement in this machine. Water weight % is also a good indicator for your body composition.

By chihkai - Jun 15, 2008

Excellent. Very happy with all the abilities.

Strengths: Consistent, well built, can measure multiple components.

Weakness: A little concerned about handle durability. Need to bend down to access user memory / handle.

Very accurate and consistent in measurements. I also quite like the ability to track fat %, skeletal muscle, visceral fat, etc., but unless you're exercising a lot or losing weight, doesn't do much to track it over time. Very much like having the ability myself with all the exercise I do these days. It's necessary to turn this on via button (and ideally off, too, though it will shut off...
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By poind - Mar 30, 2008

digital scale with all the bells and whistles

Strengths: features, ease of use

Weakness: price, size

This is the scale for you if you are looking to track your weight loss, and you don't care about the price. This scale not only measures your weight, it also measures your %body fat, visceral fat, skeletal muscle, and resting metabolism. While you don't need all this information, it sure is interesting to track as you start working out. The scale also has a built in memory so you can track your...
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By echen10 - Mar 1, 2008

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