Yamax CW-701 Digiwalker Pedometer

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Yamax CW-701 Digiwalker Pedometer - Heavy Duty model from Yamax, maker of the worldÂ’s most respected pedometers for their excellent reliability and accuracy. Accurately counts your steps while walking, hiking, jogging or running. Protective cover to prevent resets and keep counts confidential. Keeps track of activity time, distance traveled , calories burned, has clock, 7 day memory and 2 week cumulative memory. Clip to securely fasten pedometer to waistband or pocket.


Product Title: Yamax CW-701 Digiwalker Pedometer

Manufacturer: Yamax

Lowest Price: $29.00 from HeartRateMonitorsUSA.com

Power Score: 4.7 | 3 Reviews

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Great product

Strengths: Excellent readout and step history, resets each midnight which makes the unit easy to use

Weakness: plastic case opens sometimes when not supposed to open. Clip seems to get warn out which makes it harder to close

Overall a very easy to use pedometer with easy view readout and simple operation. Small and compact, with plenty of options and data. This pedometer registers just about any step including that of an elliptical trainer and treadmill

By fedorcha - May 28, 2008

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By bestcovery.com - Jun 30, 2009

Yamax Digiwalker CW-701 Pedometer

The CW-701 is the update to the highly-accurate SW-701. Beyond step counting, it displays distance, calories burned, clock and activity time. Yamax beefed up the mechanism with a long-lasting spring coil and heavy coated pendulum, which they claim improves accuracy 2.5% over the SW models. The belt clip is now in study metal. But the biggest change is in the display, with two lines to show...
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By about.com - Nov 30, -0001

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