Q-tips Cotton Swabs with Wooden Sticks

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Safety SwabsQ-tips cotton swabs are made with 100% pure cotton and have 50% more soft cotton at the tip* than any other swab. The rigid wood stick provides extra stability, while a special adhesive secures the cotton to the stick.Q-tips Cotton Swabs are ideal if the task requires a soft touch. There is no softer or safer swab.*From the end of the stick to the tip of the swab.Q-tips Cotton Swabs are made with 100% natural materials, unlike some other cotton swab brands, and are biodegradable when composted. Please support recycling in your community.Made in the USA


Product Title: Q-tips Cotton Swabs with Wooden Sticks

Manufacturer: Q-tips

Power Score: 5 | 1 Review

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These Q-tips are the bomb diggity....

Strengths: Q-tips with Wooden Sticks!?!? I'm ALL THERE!!! Cleans like a charm, Much more sturdy than paper Q-tips.

Weakness: If you're not careful with the wood you might damage yourself, They are a tad more expensive than paper counterparts.

These Q-tips are the bomb diggity. I swear I've been using the regular paper ones for a good while and they've been satisfying. However they would always break and stuff If I'm really going at it. This solves that problem instantly! And as a bonus when you're done if you feel all arts and craftsey you can take off the cotton and fashion little throwing spears out of them to protect your home from...
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By zoglog - May 12, 2005

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