WaterPik Ultra Countertop Dental Water Jet with 6 Tips

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oral care type: oral care system


Product Title: WaterPik Ultra Countertop Dental Water Jet with 6 Tips

Manufacturer: WaterPik

Lowest Price: $49.60 from Walmart.com

Power Score: 4.3 | 34 Reviews

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Strengths: Easy to use,nice design, strong pressure...

Weakness: handle cord can be longer

I just got this a week ago , I have braces for 4 months and it was a headache to floss my teeth and i ended up having swelling gums cause of lack of cleaning I have two younger kids and flossing takes sooo much time...but with the waterpik it takes only 5 min to clean my teeth and after that i have this refreshing feeling in my mouth ...Highly recommended for people who have braces...

By anonymous; - Nov 29, 2009

Water Pik

Strengths: Good design. Lots of accessories.

Weakness: Water reservoir could be bigger, cord could be longer.

Just bought this product today and I am amazed at how easy it is to use and how much cleaner my mouth felt.

It felt like my gums had a massage.

I definitely recommend this product and I am very glad that I bought it.

By anonymous; - Nov 26, 2009

The best dental product for home use

Strengths: excelent cleaning, massaging, the huge teeth health improvement

Weakness: water splashing if handled not properly, water button stuck sometimes, still need to floss time to time

This is the best spending of money on dental care product I have ever made. Whole family can use it, just don't forget to adjust water pump settings (comfort level is happen to be different for my family members). First time it was messy (a lot of water spill/splash on counter), but eventually we figured out how to use it. Dentist told my wife that she got surprising improvement. We are very...
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By vleek - Jul 21, 2008

Waterpik Ultra Jet

Strengths: No more flossing, feels good

Weakness: little messy

I hate to floss and yet I don't want my teeth to fall out. So this is the prefect solution for me. It performs well and its easy to use. I like the way it feels on my gums unlike floss which just sucks. I recommend to all.

By swinghard - May 5, 2008

Water Pik

Strengths: Helps clean especially if you have any pockets below your gums from Peridontal problems,

Weakness: Crappy quality.

I've been through a dozen or more of these appliances. They all break after no time at all. (last one lasted 3 mos). They either leak onto the sink or leak around the nozzle so you get soaked using them or the nozzle holder breaks & won't work at all or they stop up & won't spray water at all. You'd think Water Pik would get tired of replacing broken appliances for free and hire an engineer that...
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By cesherrod - Apr 15, 2008

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