CVS Philips Sonicare AirFloss

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Model HX8111/12. An easier way to floss. Gently and effectively improves oral health. Air and microdroplet technology. Simple: Point and Press: Deeply clean between your teeth with one press. Fast: Cleaning in 60 Seconds: Angled nozzle with guided placement tip. Effective: Removes 99% More Plaque (than a manual toothbrush alone): Air and microdroplet technology removes plaque in a single burst. Sonicare AirFloss Includes: 1 handle; 1 nozzle; 1 charger base. Better check-ups guaranteed. Air and Microdroplet Technology: 1. Compressed air delivers high-speed water droplets to powerfully but gently clean deep between teeth with less mess (than oral irrigators). 2. Removes 99% more plaque (than a manual toothbrush alone). 3. Helps improve gum health and prevent tooth decay. 4. Safe and gentle on teeth and gums. This appliance contains Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries, which must be recycled or disposed of properly. UL listed. Parts made in China and Mexico.


Product Title: CVS Philips Sonicare AirFloss

Manufacturer: CVS

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