Braun S-200 Complete Sonic Toothbrush

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Get ready for a level of clean with the Oral-B Sonic Complete toothb rush system. The Oral-B Sonic Complete is designed to care for your whole mouth. Toothbrush offers 2 brushing modes, a 2-minute timer with 30 second intervals and an ergonomic handle. Includes 1 refill brush head with storage. Rechargeable lasts up to 2 weeks on a single charge.


Product Title: Braun S-200 Complete Sonic Toothbrush

Manufacturer: Braun

Power Score: 4.0 | 14 Reviews

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Good Electric Brush Poor Battery Life

Strengths: Cleans well and the timing intervals are good.

Weakness: Battery Life very bad. Battery cannot be replaced.

For sensitive teeth the low speed is good to become accustomed to the brush. The battery life is very poor and the battery is not replaceable. After only a few months the battery did not fully recharge and did not even make it through the 2 minute clean cycle.

By anonymous; - Oct 28, 2009

Braun Sonic Complete Electric Toothbrush S200

Strengths: Works great i feel it making my teeth feel clean

Weakness: none

love this product my teeth feel so clean flossing is easer I bought my kids children one also and me boyfriend has notice a differance too. He says my smile looks brighter

By angel_of_my_knight - Dec 8, 2007

S-200 Sonic Complete

Strengths: Four 30s-interval intermissions; Long lasting re-chargeable battery; Deep cleaning.

Weakness: Time taken to full charge the battery is really long (over 10 hours); Expensive refills.

This is my first power toothbrush. Overall, I am satisfied with this product. The power toothbrush is doing a better job to clean my teeth when compared with the manual ones. Perhaps, you may take some times to get used to the "weird" feeling by the sonic toothbrush. Once you get use to it, you would not switch back to manual toothbrush again. My teeth and gums are now feeling very clean.

By chiwai - Oct 1, 2007

Very good power toothbrush

Strengths: Lasts long between charges, 2 minute quadrant timer, powerful vibrations

Weakness: Bristles on the brush head are a little too firm for a power toothbrush IMO

The rechargeable battery in this toothbrush lasts long. It also has enough power to give you that fresh-from-the-dentist feeling. Minimal pressure needs to be applied to feel that the toothbrush is getting your teeth clean...the sonic action (vibration) does most of the work. On that note, coming from using a Sonicare, I feel the bristles should be softer. With a power toothbrush, it is easier to...
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By NVAlex - May 18, 2007

Good toothbrush

Strengths: has storage unit for brush

Weakness: none

I would recommend this toothbrush for purchase. Pleased with this toothbrush. It fits well in my hand and is easy to hold and use. Thoroughly cleans my teeth without hurting my gums. The bristles fade which makes it easy to know when to replace the brush. The 30 second signals help me do a good job of brushing all areas.

By p0829 - May 4, 2007

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