Nutra Nail Bullet-proof Strength Fiber Formula Size: .5 OZ


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Nutra Nail Bullet Proof Strength - 0.5 oz Nutranail Bullet Professional Strength for longer, stronger nails. Formulated to stop brittle nails form breaking, peeling & chipping to promote growth plus green tea & other antioxidants. Nutranail Bullet Professional Strength is for growth-resistant nails. No formaldehyde, toluene & DBP. Nail Type - Nails that are brittle and won't grow because they break, peel or chip easily. What it Does - This formula penetrates the nail surface to help fortify and hydrate nail keratin. Also helps provide protection on a cellular level from the free radicals that can weaken nails, making them more resistant to breaking, peeling and chipping. Results - More nourished, hydrated nails that can stand up to everyday wear and tear to grow long, strong and beautiful. Manufactured in the USA.


Product Title: Nutra Nail Bullet-proof Strength Fiber Formula Size: .5 OZ

Manufacturer: Nutra Nail

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