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Please view more details and videos from our official wheelchair88 website. And try to understand the differences between ours and the Smartchair which is not so smart. Smartchair even tap along our ASIN number and claim that they are selling the same thing for less, but they are actually selling a totally different product, and they will not be able to send you Foldawheel. • Foldawheel is at least 7 lbs lighter, and fold up to be much more compact in size. After folded, we are slimmer and shorter, therefore a smaller car trunk space is required. • Smartchair cannot stand by itself after folded, therefore when the floor is wet or dirty, it will be messy. • The real Foldawheel take 5 seconds to fold/open, but the other needs at least 40 seconds (because they need to spin the armrest 360 degrees both side, detach the handheld controller (as it is always in it's way when folding), turn the leg support on both sides downward.) And to open up, reverse the whole procedure again.....Think about your situation if you need to fold / open it during hot sun or little rain.... • smartchair armrest is the weak portion, because it always required to spin 360 degree whenever you want to fold/open. It is not able to sustain whole body weight because it only has one joint at the backrest. While Foldawheel have 2 supporting joints. • They come with 2 batteries, but the running distance is just same as our 1 high capacity battery. And we are able to hold up to 2 batteries as an option, which allows to run 30km (19 miles), double than the maximum distance of smartchair. • Our footrest can be folded inwards, and strong enough to sustain heavy weight. However smartchair footrest is only able to flip outward, so user finds difficult to stand closer to the wheelchair, especially for users having hard time to lift up their feet. • smartchair seat cushion and backrest is fixed and not able to be taken out for washing. (What if it gets very bad smell?)


Product Title: Foldawheel PW-999UL by Wheelchair88, the Lightest Power Electric Wheelchair in the World. Most Compact Foldable Motorized Wheelchair with Polymer Lithium-ion Battery

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