Pride Mobility Mobility Power Wheelchair

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The Jazzy 1113 ATS offers all of the â??big chairâ?x9D options, accessories and rehab capabilities on the most compact frame available. Take on tight spaces and narrow hallways without sacrificing a strong outdoor performance never before seen in a chair of this size. For sharp ramp transitions, as well as a smooth and stable ride over exceptionally rough and uneven terrain, the Jazzy 1113 ATS is equipped with Active-Trac Suspension. // Jazzy 1113 ATS Interactive Demo  Why Jazzy? Reliability: The Jazzy is engineered and factory tested to provide you with consistent high performance operation that you can count on. The Jazzy's high quality construction and proven durability means you can depend on it for a long time. Ease of Use: The Jazzy's innovative design lets your operate the chair easily. With just a touch of the state-of-theâ??art controls you're on your way. Mid-wheel drive technology maximizes your body's position in the chair to make operation simple, comfortable and very natural. Maneuverability: The Jazzy is the most maneuverable power chair available. All Jazzy models utilize patented, mid-wheel drive design to achieve tight turning radiuses and help you navigate even the smallest of spaces. Versatility: With several high-performing Jazzy Power Chair models available and many accessories and options to choose from, there's a Jazzy to meet your unique needs and preferences.


Product Title: Pride Mobility Mobility Power Wheelchair

Manufacturer: Pride Mobility

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