AmeriGlide Ultra Stair Lift

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When stairs become a struggle or simply impossible, there's no need to cut yourself off from the upper floors or even move from your home when you choose the 2013 AmeriGlide Ultra Stair Lift. This stair lift brings you the same affordable quality as all AmeriGlide stair lifts in a package that not only looks great in your home, but solves your mobility problems. The AmeriGlide Ultra Stair Lift looks like an attractive piece of furniture even though there's a powerful rack and pinion drive system that runs it smoothly and helps you feel secure on the ride. The folding footrest and low profile keep it from standing out, yet you'll feel safe thanks to the 300-lb weight limit and the built-in safety features. You can make between 10 and 20 return trips down the stairs on a single charge, and never have to worry about being stuck on the stairs if the power goes out. Get all this safety and convenience in a stair lift that's designed to be aesthetically pleasing. Contact us now for information about how the AmeriGlide Ultra Stair Lift can be put to work in your home.


Product Title: AmeriGlide Ultra Stair Lift

Manufacturer: AmeriGlide

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