Eco Touch Ecomax Fuel Enhancer

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Ecomax Fuel Enhancer º is a liquid nanotechnology multi-functional fuel additive that delivers dramatic results º is a highly concentrated fuel additive that utilizes dynamic liquid nanotechnology for unparalleled results. º may save fuel up to 28% - vary from cars to cars and driving habit. Over 15 billion miles of safe, trouble-free, real-life driving have been logged worldwide. JAPAN: A best-seller in Japan since 1997, it has been recognized as "one of the best and most efficient fuel additives in the market" by the prestigious Japanese automobile magazine, Option 2. CHINA: Endorsed by China's National EPA in May 2005 as the best gasoline and diesel fuel additive for saving fuel and reducing tail-pipe pollution after more than 7 years of tests and actual utilisation records. EUROPEAN: Long-term fleet testing by a large European trucking company on over 650,000 miles resulted in 12.5% fuel savings and substantial emissions reduction. U.S.A.: EPA registered, made in the U.S.A.


Product Title: Eco Touch Ecomax Fuel Enhancer

Manufacturer: Eco Touch

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