Neckpro Cervical Traction Device

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Neckpro Cervical Traction Device Allegro Medical presents the Neckpro Cervical Traction Device which is a home cervical traction device. The Cervical Traction Device may be used for the relief of neck pain associated with cervical disc herniation- spondylosis- osteoarthritis- cervical radiculopathy- neck strain- pinched nerve in upper spine with associated pain radiating down upper extremities- tension and/or tightness (muscle spasm) in muscle of the upper back- shoulders and neck- fibromyalgia- whiplash- insomnia and tension headaches associated with tension in the aforementioned musculature. Conventional home overdoor neck traction systems utilize a bag of water and patient trial and error determining the appropriate amount of traction poundage. The Neckpro Cervical Traction Device eliminates this old process by coupling a computer designed precision-made compression spring with a unique ratcheting device that delivers a more precise amount of cervical traction tension. Each click of the ratchet audibly signals an increase in the tension being applied. This not only allows traction to be delivered in a progressive format similar to what they experience in a clinical setting- but the audible click allows the patient to monitor and keep track of the settings that provide a positive outcome. The specially designed head halter for the home traction device is easy to apply and comfortable even under high levels of cervical traction tension.The Neckpro Overdoor Cervical Traction Device includes Neckpro compression spring & racket assembly- head halter and overdoor bracket (fits doors measuring up to 1.5 (3.8 cm) in thickness. Commercial size overdoor bracket available for doors measuring up to 1.75 (4.4 cm) in thickness. Neckpro Cervical Traction Product Features Unique ratchet device delivers precise tension Up to 20 pounds of traction Overdoor cervical traction device Due to often short recovery times and hygienic concerns the Neckpro Cervical Traction Device is non-returnable.


Product Title: Neckpro Cervical Traction Device

Manufacturer: Neckpro

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