Aura Cacia Organic Aromatherapy Jojoba Oil -- 4 fl oz

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Softening, Nurturing, Protecting. A natural source of skin-nourshing fatty acids and lipids. Sweet Almond Oil has a rich, skin-nurturing consistency that provides a nice glide during massage.Inhaling the fragrant aromas of essential oils is just one way to enjoy aromatherapy. Another is applying essential oils to the skin in the form of properly diluted preparations -- massage oils, mineral baths and sprays. The molecular structure of essential oils makes them readily dissolve in the protective oily sebum of the skin, where they are quickly absorbed. You know this is true if you've ever chopped fresh garlic -- you'll soon have the aroma of garlic on your breath even before you eat it. Aromatherapy skincare is a safe, effective way for the body to tune in to the beneficial properties of essential oils.


Product Title: Aura Cacia Organic Aromatherapy Jojoba Oil -- 4 fl oz

Manufacturer: Aura Cacia

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