Aromappeal Avocado Oil-4 Oil


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Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. Created to bring you harmony, Aromappealuses the most balanced ingredients to lift yourspirits and soothe your mind.Aromappeal Avocado Oil is a natural vegetableoil with a neutral aroma. This base makes an idealingredient to create your own aroma recipe.


Product Title: Aromappeal Avocado Oil-4 Oil

Manufacturer: Aromappeal

Lowest Price: $5.39 from Puritans Pride

Power Score: 4.7 | 3 Reviews

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Ive had this product previously and it was great. The smell was a bit harsh but it worked. I saw my hair grow one inch within one month. This product does not have a smell (great) and appear to be light in texture but i have not seen a difference in hair growth.

By Margaretk76 on Puritans Pride - Jun 6, 2013

massage therapist recommends

I'm a massage therapist, and I use this oil in my practice. I'm very happy with Puritans Pride's consistency and quality. I'd rather use a pure oil on my clients' and my skin than use cheaper, uncertain mixtures that are also available.

By TennesseeMtnLass on Puritans Pride - Dec 12, 2012

This product adds strenght to your hair

Best Purchase Ever I had been searching for a product that would help my dry hair and after much trial error, I finally found it.Not only is the quality great, the price can't be beat!

By Healthyhaircare on Puritans Pride - Sep 1, 2011

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