Avalon Organic Botanicals Vitality Facial Serum Vitamin C -- 1 fl oz

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skincare skin type: combination

skincare type: Serum

supplements size: 1 oz

supplements type: vitamins

skincare uses: anti-aging


Product Title: Avalon Organic Botanicals Vitality Facial Serum Vitamin C -- 1 fl oz

Manufacturer: Avalon Organic Botanicals

Lowest Price: $17.19 from TheProductSuperstore

Power Score: 4.5 | 199 Reviews

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Product Reviews (11)

It was ok...

I did not see any difference with this product, but it does smell very nice and citrusy.

By SyIrina on Vitacost - Mar 28, 2013

Great anti-aging serum!

My husband and I both love this vit. C serum! We are in our 40's and have tried quite a few more expensive products and nothing compares to this one! Thank You! LOVE it!

By HealthyWife on Vitacost - Mar 21, 2013

Skin feels GOOD

No complaints. This product leaves my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. It goes on smoothly, and isn't too thick or thin.

By PCHIU on Vitacost - Mar 18, 2013

Just as good or Better

I bought an expensive serum from a high-end brand, similar to this but it broke me out immediately. I do not typically suffer from skin sensitivies. A different one worked fine but was triple the price. I went back to this since it I saw such good results previously. This can hold its own with the $50+ serums for sure. I'll keep buying.

By km614 on Vitacost - Mar 7, 2013


I've been using this for years and i like the texture, the scent and the fact that its organic, colorless and makes my skin feel soft.With my sensitive skin, i haven't had a bad reaction to this and will continue using Avalon products. I use a few other of the products in this line.

By AnaNYC on Vitacost - Mar 4, 2013

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