Upper Canada Soap The 15X Magnifying Vanity Mirror.

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This is the vanity mirror that provides 15X magnification to bring fine facial details into clear view. When you are within 6 of the mirror it produces distortion-free reflections of skin and hair that are 15X larger than normal, allowing you to apply cosmetics or groom without straining your eyes. Thirty-five LEDs around the rim of the mirror cast a clarity-enhancing white light that provides a truer reflection of skin and cosmetics. The dual-sided, 8 1/2-diameter mirror also has a 1X magnification mirror that provides a true, full-face reflection. The mirror's 5-diameter base enables unobtrusive set up on a counter, the mirror tilts 360u00BA, and the LEDs last up to 5,000 hours. Chrome finish. Plugs into AC. 14 2/3 H x 10 W. (2 lbs.)

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mirrors type: lighted, lighted & magnification, magnification

mirrors finish: chrome

Color: White


Product Title: Upper Canada Soap The 15X Magnifying Vanity Mirror.

Manufacturer: Upper Canada Soap

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